Ticket pick up

OK i bought my vacation thru Getawaytoday.com staying at the Stanford inn I have loved then so far and have no complainants. now my questions.

1st i have to pick up my tickets at the ticket booth all i have is an instruction sheet no voucher nothing except go to the ticket booth with your identification anyone else ever do this how did it work was there any problems?

2nd we are arriving on Tuesday can we go Tuesday and pick up our tickets then start using them on Wednesday or would the first day be counted on the day we pick them up?

I haven’t used Getawaytoday but as long as you have the email with information(confirmation number, etc), don’t think there will be issues. Once your ticket is scanned at either parks turnstiles, then it’s activated, not at ticket pickup.

Be sure to take printouts of ALL emails regarding your tickets. This should include the email with the purchase receipt, the instructions, and any other reminders you have received. I and others have had a hard time in this situation and those that had every printout were able to get it resolved much quicker. Good luck and have fun!!!