Ticket options - hopper, MaxPass, etc

Trying to decide whether to do Max Pass for two day visit to Disneyland June 27-28. With customized touring plan, doing one park per day, there is not a big difference in total time, and we have a FP runner. Thoughts?

Also, customized TP has us finishing DCA by noon on first day. Should we consider getting hopper to do part of DL that afternoon to make next day more relaxed?

Regarding MaxPass, if you can afford it, I highly recommend using it for many reasons, including:

  1. You get PhotoPass included - if you wanted photos anyway, it pays for itself
  2. MaxPass return times are often earlier than regular FP
  3. You can obtain a MaxPass for either park immediately upon entering a turnstile, including the monorail entrance, and continuing all day even if you leave the park completely (i.e., remotely from a non-Disney hotel)
  4. It’s nice to be able to grab a “just in case” MaxPass and cancel / don’t use it (or get one for an attraction that is likely to close down during rain so you can have an multiple experience FP)
  5. Even if you have a FP runner, you will appreciate not having to run from one corner of the park to another, especially if upon arriving you find out that the ride is down or out of FPs.
  6. Since you are going during the first few days of non-reservation SWGE, MaxPass may be especially valuable.

If cost is your primary concern, obviously regular FP is fine and will do the job.


I highly recommend hopper at Disneyland (in contrast to WDW where the benefit is less clear) because it’s so convenient to hop between parks. I just got back from a week-long trip and we hopped daily multiple times.

Again, if cost is your primary concern, you can make do with one-park-per-day passes. There is plenty to do in both parks so you can arrange your day in such a way that you don’t need to hop.

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With 2 days I would absolutely consider MaxPass. It may not show much of a difference in the plans, but I have found that the plans severely underestimate what can be done with MaxPass.

I love to hop & it’s so easy & quick at DL, BUT for the value of what you get, MaxPass is probably a better add-on so if you have to pick, get MaxPass bc it’s totally true that you could arrange your 2 days to do just one park each day.