Ticket offer question

A good friend is renting me some of her points for a trip in February. I saw that the 2 days free ticket offer is also available for DVC stays of 4 days or more. Does anyone now if the offer would extend if the member isn’t on the reservation? So could my friend purchase tickets for me to get this offer?

It is a “blue card” benefit for DVC so I would say no?

I will say, it is a terrible promotion. When I used the TP ticket calculator, I can save more using a discounted seller for my dates.


No. If the DVC member is also travelling and it says they can purchase for their guests staying on the same reservation, then they could buy it for you (assuming they are a blue card holder). But they will need to show their blue card and ID in order to activate the tickets.

If I buy tickets and put them in my MDE i can assign them to ne1 until first use. So could they buy and put the tickets on their MDE ? There’s more steps but i think it could work?

Anything that is a blue card perk, like discounts on party tickets need to be “proven” by the member showing their blue card and ID.

Just like if you buy the DVC annual pass. It gets added to MDE, but before you can use it to enter the park you need to get it activated (renewals are sometimes different). Same for FL residents. You always need to show you qualify before being allowed to use it.

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Ahhhh thank you for taking the time to clarify. I have had to show both FL driver lic and/or military ID for various reasons at gates; so I get that.