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So I bought the tickets for our first trip to Universal, along with Disney tickets, from the Official Ticket Center. The Disney tickets are plastic credit card style, and I linked them up to MDE using the QR scan with no problems. The Universal tickets are… full sized sheets of paper. They have a bar code on them, and they clearly state things like “this is your ticket” and “go directly to the turnstile and present to attendant”. I feel nervous about us having to carry them around on water rides and such all day, and keep them in readable condition for subsequent days. I’m pretty sure DH will get stuck holding them in cargo shorts pocket, since I don’t want four sheets of paper in the pocket of my running skirt! Any advice?

Do not try to laminate them. It stops them scanning. You only need them at park entry and to get on hogwarts express. Take a zip lock bag and take a minute to secure them somewhere . Uni will not swap them for the credit card tix. Take a photo of them If they are damaged uni will replace them for a fee. You might be able to photocopy them also. This is a common problem.
There are lockers also that you can pay to use all day.

Thank you @mumcalsop . I think I will make photocopies of each page (enough for 1 per day) and keep them in our room. That way, if the tickets are damaged while we’re in the park, we can just use the photocopy for entry the next day.

I am a bit aggravated about this myself. The express pass is the same way and you need it all day throughout both parks. I think they are trying to sell lanyards :slight_smile:
I will keep my tickets and passes in a water proof lanyard I already have and hold them for everyone, definately don’t trust my kids to keep up with them or not ruin them!
I also plan to print them on card stock so they will be sturdier than regular paper. I hope that all works out :slight_smile:

If you are getting exp passes with your hotel stay reception can help you with regards to reprint if kids lose or damage them as they are just slips of paper.