Ticket booth lines

If I’m going to DL on a day that’s early entry for DCA, will the ticket booths be open an hour before DCA opens for early entry? What are the lines like at the booths? I want to go night before, but may not be possible.

If I remember right, they open an hour before the parks do at the normal time. Since people who purchase tickets at the gate are not eligible for early entry, then it would not be an issue. I would recommend to purchase the tickets online, then you won’t have to worry about the ticket line.

Well, I bought a package, from Getaway today, which includes a3 day park hopper ticket with one early morning at DL. I have to pick it up at the ticket booth.

I don’t think you will have an issue. The only time I have seen long lines at the ticket booth is when the online system was down and no one could purchase tickets online. Also, the ticket booths are open until the park closes, which is around midnight, so you might be able to get them the night before.

Thank you so much for your help. I will try to make it the night before. If not, I won’t stress. After all, it is my vacation!

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Another option is to pick it up the night before. We usually go to Downtown Disney when we arrive and pop over to the ticket booths and pick up our tickets that night when there is no line. One less thing to worry about the morning of.

That’s my plan if I’m not too tired. I’m flying in from Texas, so 9:00 PST is pretty late for me.