Thursday Aug 21 Honorary Steve1 Countdown Thread

Morning all! I don’t see @Steve1 this morning, so I’ll start the countdown thread. My countdown is 74 today.

Now that my kids are back in school I hear things like “Your mama loves Disney World so much she should MARRY it.” Hmm… What lucky items should I choose for my marriage to Walt Disney World?

Something old - Enchanted Tiki Room
Something new - 7 Dwarfs Mine Train
Something borrowed - My best friend’s Disney Sketch Dooney & Bourke bag
Something blue - my magic band

What 4 things would you choose?


Well I’m officially at 99 days!!! finally double digits! I never thought they would get here lol. I’m secretly calling it 98 days though because at that point i’m just counting down hours and not days lol.

Fun question… here’s mine.

Something old - Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover
Something new - Festival of Fantasy Parade
Something borrowed - Enough Money to live in Golden Oaks
Something blue - Ummm… the clear sky with no bad weather while I’m there!


Whee! 99 days is a huge achievement!

Morning! 42 days to go!

Wow! Tough question!

Something old: mickey :wink:
Something new: double dumbo. One of my favorite memories is riding at night & watching all of the lights & smiles on DS’ face.
Something borrowed: I’ll go with Outer1, $. To resort hop for a year or two.
Something blue: the turrets on the Castle. I enjoy just standing & looking at it.

Have a great day!


Good morning! Waiting at IG - RD’ing TT, then FPP for Soarin. Haven’t figured out a good way to keep up with forum while in the park, but wil continue posting on chat and might do a fuller report later over here. Nice to have both options!

Good topic, @SallyEppcot! For today’s day in EP, my answers are: something old: SSE. Something new: SRT. Something borrowed: hopefully nothing if I remembered everything in my bag! Something blue: SAB after lunch!


Have a great time @WeHave2GoBack! And yes please do post a full report and pics here on the forums when you are back home!

Thanks! Feels like it’s gonna be another scorcher!!

Good morning! 23 days till BWV!
Something old: Space Mountain
Something new: New clothes for my trip
Something borrowed: Anyone have vodka in their backpack?
Something blue: People Mover


Good Morning, 61 days for me, so fpp tonight.

Something old: Splash Mountain
Something new: MNSSHP (Well new for me anyway)
Something borrowed: Ideas of what to say to meet characters, and fun things to look for
Something Blue: My magic band


Morning all. Good to see the thread. 52 to go for me.


Good morning! My countdown is 138 until POP.

Old: Peter Pan
New: Via Napoli
Borrowed: My DD19’s “Where’s Mickey?” Backpack
Blue: My blue MB which I decorated with Frozen tattoos

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Good Morning, everyone !! 67 to go here…can’t wait.

Something Old - PotC, since I first rode the DL version in ‘84
Something New - so many things - EE (my DDs are tall enough this year), 7DMT, A&E
Something Borrowed - all my fellow Liners’ great suggestions and tips !! :wink:
Something Blue - my DH’s MB, my little Elsa’s dress for MNSSHP

Have a great Thursday all !


Hello peeps 166 here.

Something old - space mountain (first ride I ever went on at WDW)
Something new - 7DMT (can’t wait to try it)
Something borrowed - that’ll be all the magic band purchases hitting the old credit card (don’t worry I’ll be sensible)
Something blue - me when I have to go home again!


Hello, I am at work

Old - adventures club
New double dumbo
Borrow - UG book
Blue, MB and alot cars and stuff.

Thanks for the thread, have a good day


You are all so clever! Thanks for playing along.

66 what what!! Only few more sleeps til fpp… Hope they go better than my ADRs lol

Old: Jungle Cruise
new: 7DMT
Borrowed: all my new liner tips :smiley:
Blue: DD6 brand new Disney Store Elsa dress for MNSSHP (I’m very excited, since I’ve been trying since our last WDW trip in April!!)

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Hi Steve . Hi everyone

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