Thursday 2/2 jumped up to a 9?

I put this question in the Univesal news/updates/articles thread but then realized it should probably go here. Sorry for the novice mistake. Here it is again:

We are planning to go 4 days between 1/31 and 2/5 and I had written down Thursday 2/2 as a CL 6 as I was planning out our days. It’s now showing a 9 for both UF and IOA. Any idea why a Thursday at the beinning of Feb. would have changed that much? Looks like TP predicted it to possibly be the first day of the Mardis Gras parade this year, but Universal’s website shows Mardis Gras starting 2/4. UF is scheduled to close at 6:00 that day. Seems very early for a day projected to be high attendance. What do you think the reason could be for Thursday 2/2 jumping to a 9 when there isn’t another 9 predicted the entire month of February including Saturdays?

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Not sure. Wondering if this conference at Cabana Bay might be why (also probably why USF is closing at 6 pm):

Thanks for the response. Yeah, I suppose that could be a factor. Looking at the itinerary, I’m not sure why it would affect Thursday so dramatically vs the other days the conference is there. It looks like Saturday they would be going over to Disney, but Friday seems to be the same schedule as Thursday and Friday’s numbers don’t seem to be effected.

The other thing that has me confused is the wait time estimates on TP and in the customized touring plans I’ve built don’t seem to correlate with a CL 9. Could there be some sort of glitch or mistake?

I’m going to be there those same dates. I go regularly. I really don’t know why that single date CL is so high. I LOVE going in February. It can rain some times, but when doesn’t it in Orlando?? The weather is great and the crowds are nonexistent! I’ve done every ride at both park in a single day in February - no Express Pass needed.

I actually do think it’s a mistake. I’m not really worried about it. IOA will be open until 8pm that week with USF closing at 7pm most night. That single date, 2/2/23, being the only night USF closes at 6pm does make me believe that someone has rented out USF after 6pm. Universal does rent them out parks often and don’t post it.

However, most of those groups don’t arrive until close to when they have the private party. Groups tend to get there around 5:30pm so they can empty the park for the party to start 7pm. (Using 6pm - 7pm to empty the park.)

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Thanks for the info. Yes, we have been several times in late January/early February and we’ve enjoyed it. I feel like 20 years ago it was consistently low crowd levels then, but more recently it seems to be trending more average. Still usually pretty nice weather by our standards ( we can’t stand heat)

The more I’ve looked and thought about it, I think something has to be off on the predictions for that day. The predicted wait times just simply don’t tell the same story as the CL. One or the other could be correct but not both. The predicted wait times seem to correlate with a CL 4 or so.

I clicked on the “something look off?” link on the page for that day and asked these questions, but haven’t gotten a response other than the auto-response that they received my request.

I’m not too worried either because we have 4 days at universal and I know we should have plenty of time to do everything multiple times and still have time to just stroll around, but I use touring plans because we enjoy having our days planned out so we can use what time we have well and having a reasonably accurate plan is pretty important to us. The couple of times I’ve had a touring plan that turned out to be significantly off, it really made the day a lot more work to make changes on the fly and made the plan basically useless.

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