Three Broomsticks vs. Leaky Cauldron

Looking for a recommendation for our family of 5. Three of us are big HP fans and last time we visited, we only got beverages at Leaky Cauldron. I’m interested in which restaurant folks recommend and I have one very specific question!

For the Family Feast at Three Broomsticks, will they automatically charge us for an additional portion if there are 5 people? Or can we order the Feast for 4 and just share it? I’ve read there are lots of leftovers, so it seems like that might be an affordable option for all of us.

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I recommend Three Broomsticks, especially if you have picky kids. The food at Leaky is a little more British.

I don’t think they’d charge you for an extra person eating the Feast for 4 - it’s mobile order, so there’s no one matching the food to number of guests. But I’ve never ordered it myself so can’t say for 100% sure.

My other recommendation would be to eat there for dinner if you are there at a busy time of year. On non-busy days, it’s not an issue. But on busy days you can wait 45 minutes or more for a table for lunch. Dinner it was pretty much walk-in on those same days. Also, table service restaurants (like Toothsome’s) are much less busy for lunch, so it’s better to do TS lunch and QS dinner than the other way around.


From teens to grandparents we prefer Leaky Cauldron. I find the typical food like the mac ‘n’ cheese at Three Broomstick inedible. The fish & chips are okay and the salad is okay but I don’t want to write home about it. Leaky Cauldron’s food is better quality. British food isn’t like Indian food or something too exotic either. I have one picky eater; pretty sure the kids menu is simpler at Leaky Cauldron too. Bangers & Mash or Toad in the Hole are things we eat here in different variations. We all have versions of sausage and potatoes. I adore the charcuterie board. The beer is good too but if you eat at Three Broomsticks you can get the beer in Hogs Head (maybe you can even get it directly from Three Broomsticks, I cannot remember).

Yup Leaky Cauldron has a chicken sandwich on the adult menu and Mac n Cheese and Fish & Chips too for the picky eater.
beer is available directly from Three Broomsticks.


If I had known this I may have gone there. I don’t like sausage and potatoes as a meal, TBH, but I love chicken sandwiches.

However, I found the Three Broomsticks rotisserie chicken, corn, and potatoes to be delicious. My wife LOVED the fish and chips. The kids liked their mac & cheese or whatever we got them. The ambiance was great too. We ate there twice in two days.

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Having done both as well… I don’t think you can go wrong with either. It’s really more of a personal choice. Whichever one has food you’d like normally, you’ll enjoy in the parks too! They are both good eateries.

Yes. The serving for 4 is only a suggested serving size. They only charge if you want more food.

Yes, the ambiance is great in both honestly. The outer entrance is better at Three Broomsticks and it has outdoor seating looking at VC which is cool.

My wife LOVED the fish and chips.

I got them last time and they were just okay to me but I have been treated to authentic fish & chip places where you can pick your fish and your breading batter type. The fish & chips were bland to me here. But for a picky eater that’s fine and well.

I knew about the Chicken Sandwich because my gluten free mom can only eat that there.

I tried the mac n cheese last time which even my kids who love Kraft wouldn’t eat. It was terrible. It had a funky flavor and was neon orange.


I don’t remember this so maybe it changed since you went? Or maybe my kids got something else …

HP ambience aside, it seems that the two restaurants are sufficiently different that you could do both on different days without experiencing deja vu? (Or feeling like “oh, this again?”)


100% plus for my kids this is two opportunities for butterbeer!


You can, some things remain the same (fish & chips, butterbeer, etc) but there are a few unique options at each location.

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We’ve had breakfast at the Leaky Cauldron and lunch at both. We would pick the Leaky Cauldron every time. There seemed to be more interesting food choices and the decor is spectacular!


Do either of these restaurants require lunch ressies?

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They are quick service. You just get in line, place your mobile order while you wait, and are assigned a table when you get to the front. You scan the table number with the app so that your mobile order is only prepared once you are seated.

The line for Three Broomsticks can be very long at lunch - we waited like 45 minutes. Never tried Leaky Cauldron.

ETA: they used to have a non-mobile order line where you ordered. That went away during Covid. Not sure if it is back yet.


I had this little note to myself to book ressies for meals inside the UOF parks but I think that was from before I decided where we’d eat.

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We liked Three Broomsticks for its outdoor seating with a great view of Velocicoaster. Great themed decor, it was actually used in the movies as the Three Broomsticks set, cant get more authentic than that!

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Almost true. The Three Broomsticks was built for WWoHP first, but then a set was built elsewhere that was modeled after the one in IOA. So the filming wasn’t actually done in the theme park…but on a set that was designed to look like the one in the theme park!