Three Broomsticks… side options

So we’re heading to Universal in March and doing breakfast at the three broomsticks. My son is pretty much only going to eat the bacon for breakfast. My question is are we able to purchase an extra side of bacon?

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That shouldn’t be a problem since you order at the counter and not through the app for breakfast.

If you’re going during spring break, you should have the breakfast vouchers.

Is there is any way I can talk you out of this?? :rofl: - I eat lunch & dinner there often and love it!

My apologies, however I’ve had that breakfast multiple times. IMHO - it’s the worst breakfast anywhere at Universal. It also goes in my overall worst food at UOR…

The eggs are not cracked fresh. I swear they are dehydrated, but don’t have proof. Every piece of bacon will be overcooked to burnt & crumbles when you touch it. Finally, the potatoes are the same as lunch & dinner. They are habitually cold - not always. It’s frequent enough that I rarely eat mine with dinner anymore… You do get a fruit cup & store bought croissant that are OK

Please try 3 Broomsticks, Leaky Cauldron and all the other WWOHP foods. Most are great. (avoid any pumpkin or meat pasties. They are served unheated. If they toasted them before serving or made fresh they’d be amazing though!)

If you need a breakfast while inside IOA, I’d go to Croissant Moon Bakery, Cinnabon or Green Egg & Ham Tots (My favorite)

The Premier hotels all have full breakfast buffets for $27 that are wonderful. I go to Hard Rock Hotel / The Kitchen as it has a French toast station along with the omelet & waffles stations. Plus, I like the hotel.

In CityWalk Hard Rock Café does a good breakfast. I haven’t tried the breakfast at Toothsome’s. (I don’t love the lunch / dinner food so I doubt breakfast would be better)

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I’ve read many recent breakfast reviews and some people love it, but of course not everyone. They have other options without eggs. Universal says they are freshly scrambled. :man_shrugging:

I’ll give it a go in 1 month and report on it. I think I’m doing the Leaky Cauldron breakfast.


I know I’m bashing it (and being harsh) :rofl:

I’ve had it four times & never enjoyed it. At best it’s been “OK / good enough”. The last time was Sept. 2022.

I’d love to hear it! Maybe in the last year or so they’ve made changes!

After how good the Grinch Character Breakfast was this year, I am surprised Confisco or the new Circus McGurkus doesn’t offer a breakfast meal option. (I’m sure it’s about paying staff & food costs!)

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That’s very possible, we’ll see!

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What do you mean by breakfast vouchers?

It’s recommended during high crowd times, that you have a breakfast voucher for Three Broomsticks and Leaky Cauldron to guarantee that you’ll get in.

These can be purchased through your travel agent, added to a vacation package, or onsite at one of the hotel planning desks.

It’s possible though that you won’t need them. Even on busy days, I think they’ll take walk ups if it’s early.

They do! You may have to wait in a long queue if going at peak times. The queue for Three Broomsticks is outdoors & can be unpleasant!