Three Broomsticks breakfast

I just tried to make a breakfast reservation for Three Broomsticks for breakfast and was told they cannot make a reservation for me, nor will I be able to walk up to eat as I do not have a room reservation on site and I did not buy my tickets direct through them. Is this true? If so, I am very disgruntled. Thanks, Lisa

That is not true. When you walk into the restaurant to eat, they have no idea where you are staying or where you got your tickets from. I have NO IDEA where they got that from!

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Yeah - this seems completely bogus.

Bizarre answer. The only part that makes sense is that they don’t do reservation there (that I’m aware of). It’s a quick service/counter service kind of place and so you just show up, order, and then they will seat you. I did the Leaky Cauldron last week and it was actually a pretty good breakfast. And, it’s nice how they find a table for you.

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My daughter and I had no problems eating at Three Broomsticks when we were there- we were neither staying at a Universal Resort NOR did we buy our tickets there. There’s no reservations there as I recall, but you should be fine to go eat! Have fun!

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Thanks. I am so aggravated this cs rep told me this. Thanks for the confirmation.

Breakfast in LC or 3 Broomsticks is never guaranteed available for park guests and it is not listed on Universal website for that exact reason.

When are you going? At Christmas ,NY and wwohp weekend celebration event they do restrict breakfast to Hotel guests and package ticket holders only due to demand. Hotel guests and package holders can book in advance via their hotel concierge or dedicated celebration package number. We have visited twice 2013/2016 both over Easter and walked in no reservation around 10am. So if you are visiting over the Holidays or 27-29 Jan it is likely there will be restrictions in place for Breakfast.

Lunch and diner cannot be booked by anyone and have no restrictions.

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