Three Bridges (and backup options)

We’re thinking about heading to Three Bridges when we get in on Friday. It’ll probably be moderately late - 8:00 or so before we get there. We’re staying at CSR.

First, there aren’t reservations, right? The TP website says reservations are accepted:

@len - I expect this is just a typo? Might be worth removing the ResFinder section, too.

Second, does anyone have experience with wait times on a Friday evening?
If it IS a long wait, third question - what are good alternatives? DS15 and DD10 are fairly adventurous eaters, so we’d probably prefer to skip the QS.

I love Toledo, or Dahlia Lounge.

Now I can’t even paste links from work!


Definitely no ressies at Three Bridges. Walk-up only.

Lots of good options right there at CSR so I wouldn’t, especially arriving that late in the day, push to go off property.

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There is a walk up list in MDE, so might be worth adding yourself to that when getting to resort. I’ve been put ahead of non list people in the past, (although their wait wasn’t long either.)


This is fixed. Thank you!

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