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So the Backside of Magic remains the only podcast to receive my imprimatur.

However, I’ve recently got into the YouTube channel DFBGuide. Very different in tone to BOM but I enjoy them just as much. The presenter has an attractive, chirpy voice, and she gets to the point. Lovely visuals and interesting content. Approved.


I think you should do some podcasts or videos. You have a wonderfully, sexy, posh sounding voice.


A little crush on AJ? She reminds me of an over enthusiastic Blue Peter presenter.


Don’t you think I sound super gay?

Haha. Not my type. (The two guys on BOM sound super hot.)

Now I mean this in the most loving way possible but some American woman have quite a whiny accent that I can’t stand to listen to. A certain well-known podcast presenter springs to mind.

But AJ (is that her name?) has such an upbeat tone that it’s just such a joy to listen to.


At least AJ seems to like food. …which one would think is a basic requirement for a food vlogger.
Have you come across grumpy Pete on DIS? I don’t think he has a particularly broad palette :joy:.


No, you don’t sound super gay. You sound posh.

Her voice bugs me a little. I prefer the sound of men, English men to be precise.


Now I am chuckling to myself. :slight_smile:


On a side note, I didn’t like Siri’s updated female American voice, so I had her as a British male for awhile, but couldn’t get over thinking she should sound like a she. So now she’s a British woman. Any good Brit podcasts? I’m an Anglophile!


My Siri is set up to be an English male because he sounds like Tom Hiddleston. And Jarvis (or Vision): Paul Bettany.

DH doesn’t have an English accent, but I do like his voice. :wink:


That is a relief!


Do you like Cerys Matthews’ voice (spoken rather than Stereophonics) ?


Yes, seems lovely!


I like when Graham Norton (which I used to watch on BBC America and miss so much now that my cable provider dropped it​:sob:) had Welsh or Scottish comedians on-I can’t understand a bit of it and I love it. Give me tv or movies that are spoken in English but I have to have subtitles on…:heart:


Siri has always been a hot British man for me. I have him trained to call me Jenni From the Block


Mind blown. I had no idea you could change the accent of Siri. I love British accents so I’m changing it right now!


I have DirectTV in order to watch BBC America. If they dropped it from their lineup, I’d definitely drop DirectTV.


Another suggestion is the Tomorrowland Transit Authorities podcast. It’s hosted by RobPlays and IvyWinter, both are established on Youtube and have channels worth watching for different reasons. Their podcast is good because it has a stable format and is very to the point, with flexibility for them to get creative and throw out ideas. Episodes usually last about 35 minutes.


Love the BOM guys with their deadpan humor, Sneaky Petes that they are. And I love AJ on DFB! She is so cheerful, I want to be her friend (if I ever learned how to have friends.)

I also listen to The DIS WDW show faithfully. It has such an over-the-top bitchy queen thing going on sometimes, which can be hilarious or annoying depending on one’s mood.


We are 7’s on a 1-10 scale (if you add us together)


I have to stop coming in late to topics…

My $.02

My favorites…
Jim Hill media w/ Len Testa - a must, they know pretty much everything
Backside of Magic - great tricks if you’re so inclined
Be our Guest - like the listener questions episodes, good info
Touring Plans - have to support the greatest site of ALL

Middle of the pack…
Unlocking the Magic - husband and wife with great back and forth chemistry
Mighty Men of Mouse - just found this one
Capture the Magic/Main St Magic - two families with a lot of overlap, I tend to skip episodes lately
Resort Loop - enjoyable

Don’t like…
The Dis - I find them too negative and condescending

Then I have several more in my app, that I usually don’t have time to get to.