Thoughts / Tips on MaxPass?

Greetings! We are taking an adults-only trip April 13-16 and decided to spring for Maxpass to give it a try. We are frequent visitors but haven’t been since Maxpass started. Would love to hear thoughts on making the most of it. We will have 3 day parkhoppers but staying off site so only one early entry day. Thanks!!

I’ve only used it one day, but it was super convenient. The best advice I have heard is to make note of when the app says you’ll be eligible for your next FP & set an alarm on your phone so you never miss that opportunity. Also, if you plan on leaving the parks for a break/meal at all during the day then know that you can still watch for & make FPs through the app so you’re set with some evening FPs. Other than that, it’s pretty easy & very convenient! Most of the feedback is that you can get more FPs than you can use when you have MaxPass!

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We used it last August just after it first rolled out. Worked great. We generally went to do a ride with a short standby to start our day (generally Radiator Springs) and booked a hard to get FP (Guardians) as soon as we got thru the gates. We then did some minor rides if we needed to wait for our FP window. After swiping into Guardians we then immediately booked another FP and typically were able to chain them where we walked off Guardians into a FP line for Soarin’ or whatever. As soon as we swiped we’d book another and keep chaining them.

Some FPs are high enough demand (RSR, Indy, sometimes Splash, Space & Guardians being the main ones) that you’ll have a break and then the hour window to book another is useful. Maxpass is pretty easy to use and made bouncing from headliner to headliner easy.


Do we have any idea what percentage of people are paying for/using maxpass vs just running for the paper passes? Sure seems with the photopass included it’s a no brainer. Even without i think it would be a no brainer for me next time.

I am not aware of any stats on the subject. I agree it is a no brainer for my family, however I know a few families that insist it is a waste of money and won’t even try it. I personally think they are crazy and cannot fathom going to DLR resort without it now!

At an extra $10 per day per person, I can see locals with annual passes not doing it, or at least not very often. For a once a year trip, I can’t imagine not doing it though…

I know there are cases where it doesn’t really make sense, like families with really small children and they are not interested in the headliners. Or individuals/families that really just want to take in the shows and the food. So i get that, but for me, even if I was a local with an annual pass, I would still add it. At $75 for the year, it is a steal. We have an annual pass and I am kicking myself for not adding it!

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Didn’t realize it was an optional add-on for Annual passholders now. $75 for MaxPass for the year is indeed a steal. I was thinking they had to pay per day which would make it relatively steep to do very often, at least if you visit a lot.

Agreed that if you’re not doing headliners, MaxPass is far less useful.


Our family has AP and we haven’t tried it yet, but like you said we have 2 2-day trips planned this year and we will definitely be using it for those days.

We took a family trip in September, when it was just getting going, and I decided not to use it. We were traveling with our family (6 of us) plus about 20 other family members, and with 3-day park hoppers, I was worried about the cost. We live in Phoenix and don’t have APs, so while it’s not as frequent for us, we’ve found ourselves there one way or another at least once a year.

I’ve now seen the error of my ways. That trip was our first Halloween trip, and while we loved it, much of our trip was spent wandering around trying to get FP only to find that rides were closed and walkways packed. I’m headed again in May with my kid’s school group and can’t wait to give it a go. The convenience of picking a FP on the other side of the park (or the esplanade) as soon as you use one–from THE LINE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD–has me sold. More time with my family in the park = better time at Disney for all.

Just my two cents. :smile:


I agree with you! And honestly the photopass was a super nice side benefit – every time we saw a photographer we asked for pictures, and we downloaded all the ride photos too. Made for a great collection of pictures and we didn’t have to worry about paying later.

I think it’s a much better use of my money than the $18 Mike Wazowski plastic drink sipper that I had to have!!


Really really loved MaxPass. We used it in October. The parks were super crowded so it was really handy. The only thing I would advise is to get to the parks in the morning and get your MaxPass. We bought them on our first day when we weren’t in the park until afternoon and it was pretty pointless. Most were for riding late at night, or fastpasses were all used up all ready.