Thoughts please?

Hi everyone,

I’m back at working at my plans for the trip in July. Here’s what I have so far. Would appreciate any and all advice. Animal Kingdom still to come.

I can book the Fastpasses in a couple of weeks so they’re just proposed and I know that I may not get some of the harder ones. There are none in my 2nd MK day, so far and if I can’t get my first choices on MK Day 1, I’ll try for Day 2.

your plans are not shared, I cannot view the links.

Hmmm, I know I clicked publish. I just went in and re-clicked and saved again. Can you please try again?

You have copied the url from the bar at the top. That’s not what you need. In the body of the plan, near the top where the date, park and plan hours are, there’s some text that says something like “this plan is published. To share it with others, give them this url” and then it has a specific one to a read only copy. Near the end it has something like print?ID. That’s the url you need to copy and paste for us.

Ok I got the wording completely wrong!

Ah. Thanks!

It seems like a bit of a trek from Soarin to Frozen back to MS at the front only to go back to O Canada. Any reason you’ve got it in that order? I don’t think there’s a problem with it as such, I just think you might as well go straight to Canada from Soarin then across to Norway, doing MS last. I’m assuming you don’t want to do that in case of motion sickness? Green is very mild. But they’re your feet :blush:

I just hit optimize and that’s what it gave me. I tried to move Canada up but then it didn’t give me enough time to use my Frozen fast pass in the window. This is just a half day since our flight doens’t get in until 10:30 and that’s assuming no delays. Frozen is the one must do in that park, everything else is basically gravy. Also,I fear moving things much past 4 given the early start we are going to have to the day.

Do you know that regardless of your BOG reservation time, they seat in order of arrival? If you think you could get there for 7.45, I’d put it in as an 8.10 reservation and reoptimise.

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I had no idea! We can definitely get there earlier. Thanks!

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Ok. I would have suggested moving the Frozen FP later but given that, I’d leave it and if you’re too tired to walk back there you can skip it.

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HS isn’t looking good. I’ve never had a FP for BaTB but usually for shows, the FP window is for 15-20 mins starting 30 mins before the show, so you would miss it. If your kids are going to be in the Jedi Training Academy show, they’ll need to be back at the sign up area 30 mins beforehand. Try putting it in as a break before your chosen show. You need to sign up for the show in the morning. And it takes more like 30 mins for the show. If you’re just planning to watch, you’re fine just turning up a few minutes before.

I’m not sure what to suggest. HS is always a really hard day to plan, though it’s easier for me this time because DS aged out of JTA. Maybe try getting a FP for Frozen instead. Or what about Muppetvision, it’s not on your plan but it’s fun. You don’t need a FP for any of these but you need to use one to try for ASS later. Are you interested in Star Tours? Because that’s a ride it’s at least easy for the software to figure out. And you could always tap in to ride, but not actually ride just to use up a tier 2 if all else failed.

I’d definitely get a FP for Jungle Cruise, that is not worth a 40 min wait.

Thanks, missed that wait time for Jungle Cruise. I added it in now.

What do I need to do for Jedi training? My kids definitely want to do it.

You need to go to the sign up spot - as far as I know it’s still next to the Indy gift shop - with the kids. You used to have to do it first thing but these days you can do it a bit later, probably any time up to at least 10 - maybe later - but obviously the later you go, the less choice of shows you will have. I suggest getting there before 8, going straight to sign ups, the kids have to answer a couple of questions (just to make sure they are really old enough, name and age, can you follow instructions) and you pick a show. They give you a piece of paper with a return time, don’t lose it! Then you go back to the same place 30 mins before the show. The kids get their robes. You walk to the stage at show time, do the show. Afterwards they hand their robes back and get something for taking part. It’s a time suck but it’s fun!

Just checking, it’s ages 4-12.

Thanks. Yeah, I looked into it and added time in at the beginning of the day to go sign up. Kids are 5 and 9 so all good. But now I"m wondering if I need to re-jig things. Hubby and 9 yo want ToT. Was planning that first thing but if we need to go to sign up for the Jedi thing, I believe it’s at the other end (?) so might be a better idea to move ToT later. Right?

You should be fine. They’ll let you go and sign up before they are letting you go to rides. And most will head to TSL.

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