Thoughts on whether morning EMH's are worth it

What are thoughts on morning EMH at AK on a high CL day (say 9) vs the another day w no EMH, say CL 6 or 7? Talking about princess 5k weekend in February. Primarily interested in FOP, KS and EE, maybe will spend 3 hrs at the park. We’ve been four other times. We enjoy wandering but mostly care about those three and will have FPs for them.

It really depends on what would make it worth it.

To enjoy the headliners in a lower crowd situation might be worth it if your group doesn’t mind getting up so dang early.

For us it isn’t worth it anymore but I have two teenagers so we tend to prefer starting later and staying later nowadays.

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If you primarily care about those three and are planning FPPs for them, I wouldn’t worry about EMH. go spend your time elsewhere and do AK on a potentially lower CL.

I adore AK in the morning, rides or not, so I would say it’s definitely worth it if you can throw some rides into the mix. And if you get a nice sunny morning? perfect!

IF it’s the run weekend, are the crowds bad early cause the race(s) happen at like 4AM, don’t they? I would think everyone is still over there at the races or heading back to their hotels to sleep for a bit more before hitting the parks later in the afternoon.