Thoughts on week of Dec 6-13 - Crowds

HI everyone! I’m still getting familiar w/ TP so I apologize if I’ve posted this in the wrong place! I’m just hoping to get everyone’s thoughts on the crowds for our trip. Our dates are December 6-13 and the crowds look great according to the TP calendar. I was just wondering if anyone knew about the pop warner week and if that’s a huge impact? Most people have told me it’s very little impact.

Generally the big groups of kids are off doing other things during the day but will hit the parks in the afternoons/evening. Depending on when the parade taping is they’ll be all over MK that day, but mostly performing so it will feel a lot busier but the ride times won’t go up much.

Also they tend to occupy a lot of the value resorts and one or two mods so you may have to deal with large groups of these kids around your room depending on where you’ve booked. Overall I’d say the great weather and generally low crowd levels are worth it.

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@Outer1 has pretty much said it all. The Pop Warner kids will probably not affect you.

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Will Pop Warner be the 5-6th? Last year I was in the world the second weekend in December (the weekend after Pop Warner ) and it was very busy.

My family was there this week also and I felt it was very busy considering the rumors that December is low for crowds.

Well you have to think in terms of Disney Relativity. If you can walk around and not feel like your totally sandwiched in by people on all sides, then it’s slow for Disney.


That was the problem, I went in October to Food and Wine on a Saturday night. In December, you could not walk through WS. Crazy!


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Thank you! We’re staying at Wilderness Lodge, and I’ve heard that same thing that the crowds are mostly at the value or a few mods. The crowd predictions look really low so we’ll likely keep everything the same.

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It will be the week of the 6th I believe

The 12th and 13th will be Saturday and Sunday, right?. I do think the crowds could be low up through Thursday, but be prepared for the weekend. I too stayed at WL last December. It was lovely. It was also the only trip I ever had to take a cab from HS back to WL at night. I had a 9:00 Artist Point ADR and I tried to leave HS around 7:30. There were about 500 people waiting at the bus. It was the best $20 I ever spent.

We will be there 7-14. Our previous trip was during August. I recall the crowds were about in line with the predictions. I am looking forward to the cooler temperatures. Lower crowds or not.

I attended with that group a few years ago. It was inconsequential to the park’s “busyness”. The values are busy but the rest of the resorts should be fine.