Thoughts on my wait-list chances at AKL?

So I have my home resort of SSR booked for 10/27-11/2 in a 2-bedroom. I’ve had a waitlist since 7 months for a 2-bedroom at the Boardwalk as basically a pipe dream. I know a lot of people recommend checking back so here and there I check all the resorts. Today there was availability for 5 (!!!) nights (10/27-11/1) at Kidani so I put in a second waitlist there for my whole 6 nights.

I’ve been pouring all of my efforts into picking a room at SSR but now I am a little hopeful that maybe I can get AKL. Do you think I have a chance? I do know that the Wine and Dine races are that weekend. I’m too nervous to book the 5 nights because I REALLY don’t want to do a split stay.

To be honest you should have booked Kidani when you saw it, IMO.

A waitlist for one night is far more likely to come through than a waitlist for six nights.

Waitlists don’t match based on your place in the line. It needs to fully match your request as well.

For example, if there are the following waitlists, in the order in which they were requested, for a particular resort, room-type etc.

Alex. - 4 nights, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri
Joe. - 2 nights, Thurs, Fri
Kim. - 1 night, Thurs
Nick. - 3 nights, Mon, Tues, Wed

If a room becomes available for Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs

Then Kim and Nick get lucky, because the Friday night is still not available so Alex’s and Joe’s requests cannot be fully met.

At worst, you could see if the 6th night is available as a cash room, through Member Services for the same room type. That way, if you didn’t get your waitlist for the 6th night, you have a reasonable but not guaranteed chance of being able to stay in the same room.

I guess it depends whether you would be happier with taking that risk or staying put at SSR.


Thanks. I am definitely perfectly happy with staying at SSR. My husband actually just said last night that he might be bummed to not stay at SSR because he thinks it has the best splash pad for babies and we have many meals planned at DS.

If I had seen the 5 nights a while ago I might have been willing to risk some uncertainty on the last night but now it feels like it would be cutting it close. I know the waitlist has to match exactly so that’s why I was thinking my chances are slim. It’s now down to only 4 nights open which I have seen before. Oh well!

I had more been hoping for a renovated room at SSR but I think my chances are really low now that they started with preferred rooms.

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