Thoughts on my trip May 5-12

Been back a few weeks. My dashboard is so sad and empty! :frowning:
Rather than a trip report I thought of just putting random thoughts.

POP century was great. Didn’t get our room request, but got the same building (6) and it was near the lake. I thought it was going to be far away from things, but it wasn’t. Walls are thin, but we had good neighbors. Of course I would like to stay in Moderate and Deluxe resorts, but I would rather stay longer than fancier.

TSL and Avatar were new for us. TSL was cute, but we don’t have small children, so it wasn’t something we cared to keep going back to, especially Alien Saucers. Loved Avatar Land. Never saw the movie, but I could ride FOP all day! Rode 8 times during our trip.

Gondolas-Got to see them unwrapped! I know they will probably breakdown like everything else is at Disney these days, but I really want to ride them!

My favorite park at night is still MK! Lots to do and lines are so much shorter at night. I didn’t want to waste time waiting for fireworks though. I got a spot 5 minutes before knowing it would be less than ideal, but ended up with a great view.

HS least favorite park at night if you are not there for the fireworks or Fantasmic.

Cheerleaders-They were everywhere both weekends we were there, but Disney is going to find a way to fill up their hotels, so if it isn’t them in the parks it will be others. I didn’t see any of them being rude, breaking in lines etc. THEY WERE WELL BEHAVED! Much better than the middle school groups I saw in DC this past weekend running through museums. Never heard them at the hotel. The only time I saw any of them out of line was when a mom was encouraging a group of girls to do back bends and stunts across the railings at Monsters Inc. There weren’t many people in line, but they were in the way and loosening the railings more than they already were! A blamed the parent chaperone though. She was getting them to do different things (That weren’t impressive anyway by the way) and taking their pictures.

Love Bugs-They were plentiful, but it didn’t bother me and wouldn’t avoid May because of them.

Mobile Ordering-the times I wanted to use it, it wasn’t available. Never used it.

Same Day drops worked great. Thank you Touring Plans!

Disney Springs is too big, hot and expensive. I won’t go there anymore unless it is an arrival day. Hated that I missed an afternoon rest and went there.

I wish I had taken more advantage of morning EMH. Only did it once at AK and got there 30 minutes before (not ideal), but still did FOP, KS and EE (in that order) before opening to regular guests. Next time will save KS for last since it is a long ride and by the time we got off EE was about 20 minutes.

I miss off season crowds. Disney is always crowded. You used to not need a touring plan if you didn’t go during the high season. The biggest advantage to going in May rather than August when we used to go because of school is weather and price. I couldn’t even sleep at night because I was thinking about touring plans and fastpass strategies.

Ride Breakdowns-This was a new experience! I have never seen so many breakdowns!! It is a bit concerning for safety reasons

River of Lights-Got to Stand by 5 minutes before and there were plenty of seats. It was OK since we didn’t have to wait, but not worth a long wait like Fantasmic is.

Keys to the Kingdom Tour-I enjoyed it. It was long and tiring. Don’t plan on doing rides after it. Guest services was nice enough to change my fp from immediately after the tour to the evening. As I said before, I liked the tour, but it was a one and done for me considering the price and having to pay for admission to the park. (No flames please).

The last night I was there my family was on the bus with the band that marched at MK that day. One of the band members sat beside me, introduced herself and told me about the great day she had. The band had been there several days. She said that you can ask cast members about some type of trading card. The CM asks a trivia question and if it is correct they get it the card. One actually gave her a limited edition pin. I had never heard of that game before. All of the kids seemed to be having fun and were so courteous and polite. I enjoyed having the opportunity to talk with one of them.

I love Disney and I know I’ll go again. I am retired and thought about getting an annual pass, but decided against it. With the ride breakdowns and anticipated crowds for Galaxy Edge I decided it wasn’t the right time. Maybe when the kids graduate from college and we have more money! Thinking we might do Universal/IOA/Sea World next year or the year after.

Things I missed from the past:

Better staffing-1995 cm had time to just do extra little things. I remember getting off a ride at epcot. It was sprinkling and a CM was drying strollers off when people came to retrieve them.

Anyone else remember the ladies that used to entertain before Fantasmic? This would have been around 2006. Also the group who used to entertain before Beauty and the Beast at MGM.

Walking on rides all day when it was off season.

Towel animals and extra touches from house keeping. I was going to take the gift card, but my family liked the towel animals and cute things house keeping used to do. They cleaned which is what they are supposed to do, but nothing extra. Also I hate trying to get the body wash out of those dispensers in the shower! Will bring my own next time.

We could get to the park 30 minutes early and be at the front of the line. An hour early we were by ourselves. The kids were chosen to open the park one day. Also wonder why they don’t have a family of the day at any of the parks like they used to.

It seems there are fewer random experiences that are free. If you won’t something special you have to pay for it.

Hope I don’t sound too negative, I still love Disney, I’ll probably keep going, but each time I go it’s more difficult and expensive.


Hint on mobile ordering is to place it in advance. They turn it off if they get too many people on it.

I’m jealous you got onto Avatar eight times. I can’t get a booking for one ride yet (three weeks out)!

Two were from fp drops, One time I got a 4:00 time which I really wanted a later time, but I got with hopes to modify at 3:01. At 3:01 it changed to anytime because the ride went down. The other fp drop was when we were at Epcot, We only scheduled TT so at the first drop time after TT we tried and got it so we hopped over to AK. Three were at park opening.

also possible MDE was taking fits. It kept happening to me too, but a reboot of the app kicked it over.