Thoughts on my MK plans TPs

2 boys…5&7. Not interested in princesses. We have 8 park days total. I’m planning on 2 shorter days at each park. Only one rope drop per park. The other days, except MK, we will be closing the parks. For MK fireworks, we’ll be at dinner at CG or Narcoosees after a rope drop day at HS, so it’s not in my TP (both restaurants booked…not sure which to choose) plus we’re staying at Poly so we can see them from there.

Could you, please, “Publish” your plan? The images are too small to see - even when zoomed in.

To Publish - In the large gray box at the top of the page click Edit. A window will open. At the bottom left, above “Save”, you will see a box to check for publish. Check the box and then Save. You’ll be taken back to your plan. At the top of the page you’ll see a link you can copy & paste.

Here’s an example from one of my plans - EMM / MVMCP

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However, one thing that did jump out at me immediately was the SDMT wait times. 4 minutes, twice? What magic trick are you pulling off do get such wait times? (Can’t see the date to know what might be happening that day.)

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One thing, I would not rope drop mad tea party…if in the front I’d do mine train or Winnie the Pooh can get a line.

Looks like early morning magic based on time/wait time

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Sorry! I’ll try to figure out the publish thing! We are doing Early Morning Magic…that should explain the 7DMT witchcraft! :grin:

Yes, indeed. :slight_smile:

I published them!

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Didn’t realize it was EMM!

I see you have Meet Captain Jack listed. I couldn’t find any current information about this. Where and what times does this happen?

We will be at MK exactly one week after each of your days! :slight_smile:

Overall, I think your plan looks decent. You don’t have Carousel of Progress. Some people like it (like me), others not so much. Are you purposely not wanting to do it? I think it is entertaining and educational, particularly for the younger kids who haven’t seen a lot of the older ways of doing things.

You’re also missing Dumbo from your list, as well as Barnstormer.

Tom Sawyer’s Island, I suggest putting a minimum of 1 hour. 30 minutes is really just enough time to get across the river and back with barely any time to actually explore.

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According to Kenny the Pirates Character locator, Captain Jack’s Meet & Greet schedule in Adventureland is: 11:10-11;35, 12;10-12:35, and 3:05-3:35. I hope this stays true, as my kids are excited to meet him!

That’s funny that you’re exactly a week behind us. Have you gone that time of year before? Is it noticeably less crowded would you say? I’m hoping getting fastpasses is as easy as ADR’s was. I literally got everything we wanted with no problems at all. I’ve even been able to make adjustments since then with ease, even at BOG!
Good questions: I opted to skip Carosel fo Progress because I don’t feel like my boys will care so much about it. Maybe I’m wrong? Are 5 & 7 year olds typically interested in it? (TBH - the clips I watched of it didn’t excite me too much either, so I thought eh…)
Dumbo…wasn’t sure if my kids would think it was baby-ish? Should I reconsider?
And Barnstormer…I went back and forth on this…I landed on: they’ll just have ridden 7DMT twice (at least!..or only once and hated it lol!) and we’ll be heading over to BTMRR later too, so maybe it’s skip-able. Is it a must do?
Tom Sawyer - thanks for the time frame. Thankfully it’s our last thing so we’re flexible. My DH is ALL ABOUT that one!

COP is really kind of up to your family. I see it as a can’t miss, but others don’t bother. But it is fascinating to see both the parallels and differences between the different time periods…plus, it is just kind of cool to be in a revolving theater.

Dumbo is “nothing special”, but since you seem to have time in your day, wasn’t sure if you were skipping it intentionally or not. Your kids seem like they’d be the right ages for it. My daughter admitted, when we went in 2016, that it was more fun than she imagined it would when she took her little brother on it…and she was 12. :slight_smile:

Barnstormer, again…just making sure it wasn’t intentionally skipped. It is just a basic fun, little kid coaster, but not no par with BTMRR for sure. (As a coaster, it is better, albeit shorter, than SDMT…but SDMT has the benefit of also being a dark ride, so overall, SDMT wins out.)

I appreciate your thoughts! I am hoping our overall plan allows for some flexibility…that maybe we’ll be a little ahead of it at some point or another, in which case we could hop onto something not in our plan. Or my kids may see something and say “THAT!” and we’ll veer off plan (as long as the lines aren’t insane). So if they see Dumbo or Barnstormer and want on, we’ll most likely change plans to accommodate that!

Hi! I think your plans look great. We are doing similar plans this spring. You may want to add dumbo my kids (4 and 6) both love it and will request to ride multiple times. My son (6) also could not resist the appeal of barnstormer, so be aware of that! Definitely second needing more time on Tom Sawyer island we could not get my son off of it after over an hour…so be sure to bring some snacks over with you!

Good point. There is no food over there (except vending machines, if they are working), since Aunt Polly’s is only open at extreme busy times.

Also, make sure you have water bottles with cold water. TSI gets hot. Really hot. Air is stagnant. (But, the caves are a great place to retreat from the heat.)

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We skipped Dumbo but did Barnstormer and Carousel of Progress – my DSes were 7 and 11 (now 8 and almost 12) and they liked Barnstormer and bits of CoP. They would probably tell you to drop It’s a Small World and Peter Pan’s Flight for Barnstormer or another go at Splash Mountain, but as @ryan1 says, it’s up to your family and what are the Can’t Misses for you. I really enjoyed both Peter Pan and IASW.

Is your DS5 tall enough for Space Mountain? I might aim for a FP for that instead of Buzz Lightyear, which you can probably pick up a same-day FP for.

Thought on your schedule:

  • the rest on Day 1 is going to be eaten up by walking from Monster’s Inc to Splash Mountain. If you want a rest to take into account the time to get to/from the places before and after it, you can set up a 20 minute meal at a quick service near your rest start or end points
  • I might consider bumping some of your rides that are fairly easy same-day-FP options (Magic Carpets and Philharmagic on Day 2, IASW, Journey of the Little Mermaid, Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor, WInnie the Pooh) to the end of the day, unless they’re must dos-- that gives you more time for more runs on 7DMT if you love it and then you can go with what comes up as available FPs for short waits and maybe add in Barnstormer/Dumbo if the kids are interested.
  • I’d also aim for an earlier start time to your Splash Mountain fast pass on day 1, with a plan to get there near the end of that Fast Pass window and can head straight to your BTMRR FP afterwards

We liked 7DMT but not nearly as much as we liked BTMRR or Splash Mountain or Slinky Dog Dash, and all found the 7DMT wait time situation baffling. Why are people willing to wait so long? But if we’d done EMM we probably would have wanted at least one repeat ride.

If you do decide to do Space Mountain, I might rearrange Day 1 for, after the EMM in Fantasyland and associated breakfast, to hit Astro Orbiter/Speedway/People Mover in Tomorrowland for short morning waits, then have BTMRR & Splash FPPs lined up to do 1 after the other right after, then go to Tom Sawyer’s after for an hour (rest break can be included in this), then Space FPP and then same-day FPPs in Tomorrowland.

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Thanks all! I’m now rethinking the omission of dumbo and barnstormer! (Not so much the COP though :yum:) I’m going to look over the plans more closely and see if I can make space for them! Hopefully that early, the lines won’t be too long!
I’m also glad to know to be prepared at Tom sawyers island and looking more closely at fast pass selection and the order of things. I am really trying to minimize walking (my kids are slugs :rofl:) so the order may just stick. My kids have already declared Space Mountain a no go, but I do have this nagging thought they’ll suddenly feel all brave about it when we’re there and want to try. But I have to plan with what I’ve got now-which is no.
Thank you all for the input! I’ll be busy later seeing how to make adjustments! :blush:

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