Thoughts on multi day tickets that have genie+ included adding days?

So agonizing over the this- I want to add another day to my previously purchased ticket undercover tourist park hopper w/genie+…

Kids will be exploring LA- and DS plus 1 has made it clear he has no plans to do/see attractions available @ WDW and to be honest I would rather skip LA…was originally supposed to hand at VGC which is fine but I figure I can squeeze in all the extra attractions that were cut from my bucket list.

Has anyone tried to add days on to these tickets yet?
I get that I will need to pay the price differnce but will I loose the GP+ option for all days? Am I better off grabbing a single day ticket vs adding on?

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I have heard of people being able to add days without losing Genie+. Disneyland has different policies from WDW, so give it a try. If you can’t do it online or in the app, it’s worth a call.

I believe G+ is still a pre-purchase option ar DLR. The only issue is the somewhat recwnt price increase. Adding a day may make your enitre ticket more expensive because of the price chage since purchase. You may want to fins out what the price difference is vs buying a one day.


Thanks - didn’t realize it was still available at DLR-

Planning on spending the evening revisiting ours vs my bucket list attractions…

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Thank you for saying this - I thought so as well but I couldn’t remember and I’m too lazy to look it up. :joy: