Thoughts on making room and dining reservations/cancellation likelihood

We would love to plan our Disney vacation for late summer this year. Because of work issues, we may ultimately need to cancel (odds are maybe as high as 50%) and wait until next year, but will not know for sure until it gets much closer. I am considering making a room only reservation, and also advanced dining reservations now (180+ days in advance), with the understanding that these can be cancelled if necessary later on. Are there any risks to doing this that I should be aware of? Are there disadvantages to planning the trip in this piecemeal way rather than getting a full package? I am a planner so I’d like to take full advantage of advanced dining reservations, and fast pass + (which I understand we’d need tickets for 60 days out).

There are no disadvantages that come to mind. The only thing to bear in mind is that ticket purchases are non-refundable, but this is not a big deal as they do not expire and you are planning to go next year if you do have to cancel.