Thoughts on late HS reservation

So currently we have a 12pm mama melrose reservation that is part of the fantastic package and a 4:30 sci fi drive in reservation for dinner. I’m using the reservation finder to try and find a 5:30 time but I saw that they are open and have reservations up until 8:30 even though the park closes at 8. What are people’s thoughts on trying to get an 8:30 reservation? I’m assuming there r multiple so it isn’t like we would be the only people there being served.

I think leaving a park after it closes is so cool! If the restaurant lets you book they will be prepared to serve you a lovely meal.


What time is F! that night? I would be concerned making it to an ADR at 8:30pm
if F! is at 8pm.

Fantasmic is at 7:30 so no worries there


I think even if they change the park hours to 9:00 you will be good.

When do u know when the times for the parks are set? Like how close to the dates do they change park times?

There have been general updates around the 15th the month before. Of course, based on crowds Disney will even extend hours sometimes that day.

We did a late evening ADR at Sci-Fi, and it was fabulous. No crowds afterwards, and it was very leisurely. I think we were the last to leave. They had a bus waiting for us, and we had the bus all to ourselves.

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