Thoughts on Labor Day

I’ve spent the morning doing some Disney Math™ and now I’m waffling on my dates. How busy is Labor Day weekend at Disneyland? I’m currently scheduled for Saturday 9/2 - Saturday 9/9. For roughly $100 more I can switch to Tuesday 9/5 - Tuesday 9/12. Is it worth the money to miss the holiday crowd? I’m assuming yes, but figured I’d check in with the experts!


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I haven’t been on Labor Day, but have for other holidays like Columbus Day. Move the trip.


I’ve been a few times on Labor Day weekend and it is not bad at all. It’s actually usually fairly light on the weekdays surrounding that weekend. The Sunday and Monday of Labor Day will be busier though, so you may want to avoid those particular days if you can. For $100 I’d do it, unless it is disruptive to other plans.


We have gone for Labor Day a bunch. Of all the holiday weekends, it’s the easiest one to be in DLR. It’s more popular as a beach day for locals & the only time we’ve seen significant crowds was when a RunDisney event was also done on the same weekend. When we’ve gone in the past we’ve gone Fri-Mon but the last time we went we went Sat-Wed and actually our most miserably busy days were Tuesday & Wednesday as we could feel the reduction in operations that created much longer lines everywhere and so it felt like the same amount of people as the weekend crowds. Tuesday was also the first Halloween party night (which we attended), so that might’ve been part of the reason of the draw plus less Magic Key pass blockouts on Tues/Wed.