Thoughts on Jersey Week?

We originally rescheduled our April trip to the week between Christmas and New Years but the horror stories about how crowded it is then have me reconsidering. We might be able to go “Jersey Week” this year if my wife can get three days off. I assume it’s less crowded, but is it significantly less so? Should I worry about hurricanes? Our first choice resort (BWV) is boomed it looks like, but there’s availability at BLT and Wilderness. I guess the main question is, is that week overall better?

I live in NJ & have been twice during that time when my kids were in school. It wasn’t awful but it definitely felt crowded. I’ll admit that was before I found Touring Plans. A few years ago I went the week after Thanksgiving and it was great. Everything was decorated for Christmas but it wasn’t all that crowded. Just my 2 cents.


Thanks! We’re kind of stuck to when the kids are out because DW is a teacher. We’re still waiting to hear whether she can take three days off that week unpaid. I’m pretty sure it won’t be as crowded as Christmas week, I’m mostly worried about the weather and whether there will be a “Jersey Week” next year with all the missed days.