Thoughts on how loud Fantasmic really is? Help!

So, I was also on some other forums where a few months ago, seemed everyone agreed it was quite loud, now tonight, Im hearing everyone say its not loud at all. Nothing like a concert or loud bar. I was going to bring some ear protectors for our family, including my 7 yr old daughter. Now Im wondering if Im just over thinking everything? I am not into loud noises. and I would like to protect our hearing.
For a child: the Peltor nrr 22 or Tasco 25nrr for kids. Or Pro ears revo 25nrr.

As a kid I had really sensitive hearing and totally understand wanting to protect their hearing. Fantasmic can have some sudden moments of louder noises, that although they aren’t CRAZY loud, are somewhat frightening because they’re so sudden. It also includes a few fireworks. I would definitely recommend some ear protection if you’re worried. But I actually don’t know anything about what kind to recommend haha.