Thoughts on FPP Selections When Adding Days

HI Liners!

Need some strategic FPP help.

We are rescheduling an Irma cancelled trip from September '17 to end of May/Early June '18.

We already have 7 day Park Hopper tickets. However, due to higher crowd levels (and wanting a longer vacation) we are adding a few extra days to our trip in June. Therefore, given the small marginal increase in cost, we will upgrade our tickets once we get there and add 2 more days to our tickets (so, ending up with 9 day park hoppers).

However, that means when I do FPP selections at 60 days out, I will only be able to make selections on 7 days (because that is the duration of our tickets).

SO, here are my question - All thoughts appreciated:

  1. Is there any way to upgrade the tickets before we activate them on day 1 of our trip? Pretty sure the answer is no, but I figured I would ask anyway. This, obviously, would allow me to book all 9 days of the tickets and solve the problem.

  2. Is there any way to book FPP selections for more than 7 days if you only have 7 day passes? Again, pretty sure the answer is no, but I don’t assume I know everything… so, if that is possible, lemme know. This would also solve the problem.

IF NEITHER of those options work, then:

  1. Once we activate the tickets on Day 1, I can upgrade them at guest services, and then I will be able to book the additional FPP for the 2 extra days, but, obviously I will be less than a week out from the days and, with CL 7 or 8 expected during our stay, my options will be somewhat limited, SO…

What are your suggestions for days/times/parks that I might have reasonable FPP options with a CL 7 or 8 and about a week out. For example, at least one of our EPCOT days will be a sleep in, show up in the afternoon for World Showcase browsing, shows etc, and I figure I can skip advance FPP selections for that day and just add in whatever might be available when I upgrade the tickets. We won’t get FEA, we won’t likely get TT, but maybe Spaceship Earth or something along the way.

I have consulted the chart from the site that gives rides that generally have good day-of availability, but I am looking for scheduling suggestions for parks.

Surely somebody has dealt with this before… :slight_smile:

I figure maybe with so many FPP rides, a return visit to MK might be able to be scheduled towards the end of our trip…

ALSO, one last thought.

If I don’t make any advance FPP selections for my first day - but enter with a 7 day park hopper on day 1 (before upgrading) do you think it will “drop” my FPP selections for the end of my trip before I can upgrade the tickets? Thoughts?

Any input appreciated.


Is the 7 day portion of your trip, a package ?

no, We have a room only reservation and separate tickets.

I’d say EPCOT World Showcase and one of your MK days. MK has the most FPP rides, so the supply lasts longer. You won’t get the most popular stuff, but you can do those rides on one of your other days.

Thanks for the thoughts. Appreciate it!

Did you call Disney reservations? With the right person I was able to add days to my tickets a few years back. just make sure you know the difference between what the cost would have been if you bought them originally for the extended time and what you paid for them. It’s worth a try.

The answer to your second question (booking more than 7 days with a 7 day ticket is a definite no. You cannot book an extra day and just use 7 days, you can only book for the no. of days you have a ticket for.

If you bought your ticket direct from Disney, then I think you can phone and extend the ticket.

If you bought it from somewhere else, I think you have to use it first, to “activate” it and then upgrade. In this case, the only way to be able to book the extra days in advance would be to buy an additional 2 day ticket.