Thoughts on Crowds 8/8-8/12

Hi all!

I’m traveling to WDW on 8/8 and will be departing 8/12. I just wanted to get some thoughts on what you guys might think the crowds will be like since this is my first time returning since COVID. Looking today on my app, waits were actually fairly good. Hoping the proximity to the start of school will keep the crowds at bay a little. Thank you!

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I would think that crowds would be lighter at that time than they have been in June/July.

I was there that time last year, and crowds were just beginning to die down. Was even better the next week.

Those are our exact dates as well. I was monitoring yesterday. I think this will be a sweet spot to use Genie+ LL access because LLs are not running out as quickly.

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we have always visited in August 16 18 and 19 then Covid

I always found mid August busy and then last week august start of Sept when it would get quieter.

Do we think this year August is quieter that previous pre covid years? or just feels like its going to be after the last mad 6-10 month period?