Thoughts on Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique?

What are peoples thoughts on Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Disneyland? At WDW we did haircuts at the barbershop and our girls loved it. That’s not an option at Disneyland. Our girls will be 7 & 10 on our trip. I feel like this might be the last time the oldest would have any interest. It seems pretty pricey though. We’d do the cheapest option which is hair styling, nails, and then they get a T-shirt and sash. Any input would be appreciated.

Do you know if they are interested now? DD7 loved doing BBB when she was 4, but is not interested in doing BBB at this point. And I’m not interested in convincing her otherwise because …

Yes, it is.

Edit to Add: We did BBB at WDW, not Disneyland. I just noticed the Disneyland part of your post.

I checked with my girls and they both really want to do it. They started looking up hairstyle options already. We booked a time for our trip. They’re only little once, right? Lol. I think (hope) they’ll love it and always remember doing it.


My now DD9 loves it & is always happy when we find an occasion to book it. We did it for as a 3rd birthday treat & then repeated for a couple more birthdays, on a trip with her BFF cousin. She’s loved going back & getting to try new hairstyles. We also do bring a dress rather than buy a package that does include a dress. The one exception is on her 3rd bday we did buy the package that included a dress but only because it was the only package that included the photo ops with a Cinderella carriage, woodland animals, and (standing in front of) a carousel horse.

We still did bring her a dress that we had found online that we LOVED more than any of the Disney offerings for her favorite princess then (Aurora) & for the package picked a dress a size up to wear at home for dress-up & to the parks the following year.

Our most recent experience in December was our younger daughter’s 3rd birthday treat. For DD3 we did the package that included a dress & photos. In hindsight I wish I had picked a dress online for DD3 picked ahead of time as she had been so excited to dress up as Minnie & it wasn’t an option. That set the tone for DD3’s whole experience, even though she loves other princesses, she was not excited to change into any princess dress, finally settled on Ariel but burst into tears when we took her to change into the Ariel dress before doing the makeover. After calmed down (and agreed to wear the Ariel stuff over the Minnie shift dress she had on), she had a mad/worried at best neutral look on her face the whole experience (but the Fairy-Godmothers-in-Training that helped with her hair, make-up & nails were both excellent and very sweet with her still). As of now, DD3 is adamant she does NOT want to go ever again. Meanwhile DD9 in the chair next to her was completely at home, loving every second of pampering, chatting up her Fairy-Godmother-in-Training & will probably do it at least 1 or 2 more times before she ages out.

If your daughter’s are excited, definitely do it! Bring your own cute dress to don- ShopDisney usually has a great selection & will have sales on very similar if not exact princess dress-up options so if your daughter’s sizes are available snap those up. Or Amazon is also great to look for options as well. They can also change into the t-shirts provided. They are adorable and made from that high quality silky soft t-shirt material.

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