Thoughts on 2 Bedroom Villa at AKL- Kidani Village?

So like all of y’all, I had reservations at YC, then moved to Poly, now getting kicked out of that (Aug trip). Currently have a choice of 2 Bedroom Villa at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge - Kidani Village or Deluxe Studio at Copper Creek.

Those are price protected + $100 disney GC. (Actually CC is less expensive so I pay lower amount). I could do a split stay at Caribbean and YC but rumor mill says stormalong will not open in Aug.

There are these non price protected, AP options.
Riviera Resort, Deluxe Studio Preferred View (view of gardens and/or Skyliner) $2,509.68
Contemporary Resort, Tower Theme Park View $2,836.38 | Tower Lake View $2,597.40
Bay Lake Tower, Deluxe Studio Lake View $2,446.20 | Theme Park View $2,888.38

Any thoughts?

the AKL 2 room is huge for wife and I (confirming if savanna view or not). However, it looks like only Sanaa is open (not boma, jiko). What are other dining options at AKL kidani? besides pool bar.

It seems like taking AKL is best option because getting such a more expensive room than what i would ever consider paying. If savanna, that looks cool as well. But with things constantly in flux and closed, it is hard to get excited. Not being ungrateful, but cautious about what is going to actually take place.

EDIT: it is a std view, not savanna view.

There are no other dining options currently. And be aware, that if it rains, the pool bar will close and that food option will will disappear. I’ve heard from people there that the food situation at AKL is a big problem right now.

Thanks. So does pool bar just close during the rain or does it open back up? For example, it rains from 1-2pm, does it open at, say, 3pm?

That I don’t know. I think it depends on the forecast ahead.

OK I have not read beyond the first paragraph so perhaps there’s more to consider, but you’re choosing between a 2br villa at Kidani and a studio? How is this even a question?

OK finished reading.

Still don’t understand how it’s a question.

Take the 2BR!

Yes, the dining situation is not ideal but you have a FULL KITCHEN to work with. Order up some groceries and go to town!

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While true, the time i need the food options “the most” is our arrival day of a 25th anniversary trip. 1st time adults only. We tried going 22, 23, and 24 years ago. never panned out. I do not plan on “cooking” the first night of vacation.

I currently have a less optimal time for sanaa.

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For an anniversary I’d choose Riviera which seems the most “Adult” of all the resorts.
-small fridge/microwave to do some of your own meals/snacks (at least the option is there)
-skyliner transportation
-more restaurants open, other restaurant options available via the skyliner
-less busy pools and less kids at the pool

If there are only two of you, I’d worry less about the bigger room and more if you like the amenities at the resort. Savannah view would have changed my mind, since that seems like an activity by itself! But I’d look at what resort you’d want to spend time at. They both look so fun to stay at. And agree food being available Is important. Wilderness has a few places open, right? So many good choices, I don’t think you can go wrong.

You took the words out of my mouth! I personally would pick something else over AKL due to the remote location paired with limited dining availability. Riviera or Contemporary sound good.