Thoughts on 1st time itinery


We are travelling from the UK land afternoon of 21st October with our two kids aged 8 and 5. We have prepared an all WDW itinery (thought the Universal might not be right for their age). Any thoughts greatly appreciated. Staying at polynesian for 5 nights and AKL for 5 nights.



21st arrive late afternoon. Evening qs at poly maybe watch fireworks from beach
22nd morning MK afternoon pool. 1900 park dates dinner
23rd morning Epcot. Garden grill lunch. afternoon pool
24th morning mk bog lunch - we also have a bog breakfast which I think we will cancel
25th ohana breakfast, blizzard beach then evening MK. Crystal Palace dinner
26th mk morning, Disney springs. Boma dinner
27th morning AK, evening HS Star Wars dessert party
28th afternoon evening AK incl tusker house ROL package
29th HS incl H&V breakfast to get Jedi sign up done
30th typhoon lagoon and MK evening
31st morning AK afternoon fly home

Thanks again for reading!

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Much as I love Universal, you’re probably right to skip it at those ages. Your 8yo would probably be able to ride most stuff but not the 5yo.

The only thing that stands out to me is that you have a late night at AK followed by a very early morning at HS (I’m assuming your breakfast is pre -RD as you mention signing up for JTA). Everywhere else it looks like you are taking it pretty easy and having either relaxing mornings or relaxing evenings. Coming so near the end of your trip, you may well find the kids (and you!) are exhausted and don’t have the energy for a late night followed by an early morning.

Really early mornings are generally best at the beginning of the trip. Jet lag usually has us up by 5am at the latest for the first few days. It’s much harder to get up early later in the holiday!

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It’s a very good itinerary Mike. The only stand out to me is no Jiko reservation. That’s a personal preference. My kids also love Jiko. (6 and 10, last time we ate there) I like Boma, but nothing comes close to Jiko. While staying at Animal Kingdom it would be a shame if you don’t eat at Jiko. I’d also eat at Boma and Sanaa…maybe another AK dinner on the evening of the 29th?

Have a great time!!

Thanks, it was the only way I could seem to fit it all in. If the kids are tired we will skip ROL as the Jedi training is the most important to them.

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Sorry I forgot to put in our dinner on 29th - we went for Sanaa as we thought the views and overall food was best for the kids. Will take another look at the Jiko menu. Thanks

Jiko gets fantastic reviews but it’s a signature restaurant so it’s expensive OOP and 2 credits if using the dining plan.

Although my dining choices would be very different, your overall plan sounds quite reasonable. Just a reminder about Sanaa - if your dinner is after dark, you will not be able to see the animals. It’s very good Indian food, but if the primary draw is to see the animals while you eat, you’ll have to keep sunset times in mind. I usually go there for lunch on a non-park or AK day…


BUT they do have the night time goggles thee so you can go out onto the outlook to see the animals if you like. In fact I recommend arriving a bit early, get a drink from the lounge, take it out and enjoy the outlook first and then eat.

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Thanks both. The Sanaa reservation is for 6pm with sun down at 6.45 I think. We will take your advice and get there early to grab a drink though!

Looks awesome. It looks like you are going to MK 5 times but Epcot only once. I’d go to Epcot more than that personally but we love the park even with a similar aged kid. I’d put it on the 26th if it were me since that’s likely your hotel switching day anyways and are hitting MK just the night before.

Also, do you have park hoppers? Looks like you would only utilize them once to get to the Star Wars dessert party on the 27th (You will need a park hopper to go to AK in the morning and HS in the evening). I would use them more or drop them and apply those funds to one of the Halloween parties instead.

I hadn’t thought too much about Epcot. Wasn’t sure our age kids would like it. So we weren’t planning on doing the world showcase at all. Maybe we will look to see if we can fit it in on our transfer day as you suggest.

We bought our package from the UK so the park hopper tickets come with free dining so they are worth buying even if we don’t hop much.

Thanks for your comments.

I’d hit Epcot an extra time over Disney Springs any day. Food and Wine will be going on as well - would be a shame to completely miss it. You will enjoy it and your kids will like it just fine (just don’t frame it as something boring). My daughter wants to spend hours at all of the Kidcot stations there and is perfectly happy.