Thoughts about our trip plan so far?

We are headed back December 16-21. Me, DH, and two daughters- 8 and 5. It’s our third time. Previous stays were at POR. This time we are excited to be at WL! I’m hoping to capture some of the last princess magic for my 8 year old and plan a fun trip but also time to enjoy the resort. We will visit a park each day but are okay only staying a few hours if we have a good plan. My girls are usually up super early, even when exhausted on previous trips. Plan to make the most of this, but this means we probably won’t make night shows except for the night at MVMCP. We have dining plan, and it makes sense for us with so much character dining. Will pay out of pocket for 1 or 2 meals. Would love thoughts and suggestions to make our trip even better. Thanks!

Saturday, 12/16:
Flight arrives at 9:30
Resort by 11am, look around, have lunch at Geyser Point
Spend a few hours at HS
4pm Seasonal Dine at Hollywood & Vine (DDs loved this last November!)

Sunday, 12/17:
Early start at MK
10am Crystal Palace
Afternoon at MK, Leave at 3:30pm
4:30pm 1900 Park Fare Dinner
Enjoy GF then back to WL

Monday, 12/18: DH’s BIRTHDAY!
AK Day
Breakfast snack in room or Roaring Fork
Lunch/Snack at AK
Go to AKL to check it out around 3pm
5pm Boma Dinner
Back to WL to enjoy resort

Tuesday, 12/19:
Early Akershus breakfast (waiting on this reservation)
Leave Epcot by 12:30pm
Rest/Resort time
Early Dinner at WL or Contempo Cafe
5:30ish- Go to MVMCP

Wednesday, 12/20:
Slow morning after the party
Breakfast at Whispering Canyon 8:30am
Head to Epcot around 12 or 1
?? about dining for this day. Have Bon Voyage Breakfast at 10:20, but plan to cancel if/when I can get Akershus for the previous day. Have Via Napoli at 4:45pm. Wondering if we might prefer not having this and be able to enjoy eating around the world in Epcot and heading back to WL by 5 or 6pm.

Thursday, 12/21
MK and Departure day
Early MK arrival
11am BOG lunch
Leave park by 1pm
Rest/Wait at resort
Flight leaves at 7:30, so we will be ready for ME by 3pm (I don’t like to take chances with that!)

You’ll love WL at this time of year especially! We had our first Christmas trip in 2016 and I took a morning to look around WL. Make sure you try the hidden Mickey hunt, and also get a coffee / drink of choice and sit upstairs in the nook above the entrance. I would love to stay there, but so far my family keep over-ruling me :slight_frown: Anyway, I have a few suggestions for resort time.

Take a trip around Bay Lake. The launches loop round between WL, FW and Contemporary, so you can just stay on for a loop, or hop of to explore. There’s the walking path between WL and FW too, although it’s not well lit so I’d do it during the day. You can see deer if you’re lucky!

Maybe take advantage of FW too. I’ve never been to the stables there but that’s where all the horses used in the parades are stabled, and you can go and see them. A carriage ride around the decorated cabins etc at FW is also meant to be fantastic at that time of year. Best book that early though. Have you done Hoop de Doo? We love it and your girls are a good age to enjoy it. You could do an earlier show so not to mess with the early starts.

If you are taking DME on your flight home it will pick you up around 4:30. FOF is now at 2:00. Will you watch that before you leave?

I like your plans but I may keep that Rupunzal breakfast!

Hoping to see FOF on Sunday, but we could definitely consider it on Thursday again. I just don’t want to cut it close with getting back to the resort for DME. That’s a good thought though and definitely worth considering.My girls love FOF!

Yes, we might end up keeping Bon Voyage. I’m not dropping it for sure! Not until I would really, really know we didn’t want it.

I’m looking into the sleigh rides at Fort Wilderness too now. I love the idea of seeing the Christmas lights there.

In February we had a 4:05 DME pick up. We watched the 3:00 parade. We got back to WL by 3:35. We were staying CL so we had enough time to go to the club, get snacks, pick up our luggage at Bell services and wait for the bus.

That’s so helpful. Thank you for sharing. I want to make the most of our time but not feel stressed about getting back. FOF was our final thing last trip too, so it just seems meant to be! We were there with a bigger family group and used the opportunity to yell loudly for each princess. Each princess did something special in our direction. My girls still talk about how Merida pretended to shoot her bow at us. Love to know we can end with this again.

Make time to explore all the Christmas Decorations at the deluxe resorts. Go to the boardwalk after Epcot. You can take a bus to Disney Springs I’d Epcot is closed and transfer to your resort. Ft Wilderness campers decorate too. Visit monorail resorts after MK day. Also AKL after AK.

Our top 3 favourite restaurants in WDW include Artist Point (at WL). You really should try eating there if you can. My kids are almost the same age as yours. They love it too. I’m a huge fan of leaving the parks early and exploring your resort. Love your plans. Enjoy!!

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