Thought on a WDW Visit Planning "Dilemma" that only Liners would understand

We currently have a late October five night trip planned for WDW where we arrive at WDW on a Sunday and depart from WDW on Friday morning (and will spend Monday through Thursday in the parks).

We picked these days figuring that Monday through Thursday would be the least crowded days of the week.

However, it occurs to me that a Sunday arrival might possible hurt my FP+ chances because I assume most guests visiting that week will arrive on Friday night or Saturday which opens their 60 day FP window a day or two earlier.

Am I thinking about that right? Am I better off from a FP+ perspective changing my trip to arrive on Saturday (instead of Sunday) and departing on Thursday morning (instead of Friday).

We are not going to AK this trip so the only FP+ we want that I am concerned I might not get is SDD. My soon to be 4 y/o daughter has been scared of coasters but has said she wants to try SDD – making it a must do for next visit.

If I knew EMM at TSL was going to be an option, I would just do that, but who knows whether that will be offered this fall.

Any thoughts?

I wouldn’t necessarily change my dates, but I would leave HS for last day in hopes of getting SDD and when you go to book FPP start booking with the most difficult to get (SDD)

BTW October 5 is a Saturday

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I’ve been a little concerned about this, too, as I’ll be trying to get SDD FP at 60+2 (for a Wed. evening, luckily). It seems to me that the demand for SDD is diminishing ever so slightly. I agree that you should be okay by October, especially if you put DHS later in your trip. I don’t think I’d alter my plans to go arrive a Sunday, that’s a good idea.

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Just corrected the confusion in my post … it’s a 5 night trip in late October … not a visit starting October 5!

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We will be looking at HS (and SDD) on 60+3. MK is a party night on our 60+4 so I know crowds will be lower there during the day vs HS.

One thing that has occurred to me since my post is that MMRR should be open by October. I suspect that will be another Tier 1 which will make SDD a little easier to get.


I was thinking the same