Those who have been recently - resort restaurant suggestions!

For our trip, as of now, the parks close at 5, 6 or 7pm. I want to take advantage of park hours for riding rides then plan on nice dinners after parks close.

So for those who have been recently, what are the best resort restaurants that are open, practicing distancing and where you overall felt safe/comfortable?



I highly recommend Geyser Point Bar & Grill at Wilderness lodge. It’s open air so perfect for staying covid-safe. It’s technically a lounge/quick service but service and food is on par with table service. You can easily enjoy a nice long dinner there.

Sanaa at AKL is fantastic, too, with the bonus of seeing animals. I ate there recently and they are skipping tables between parties so there’s lots of distance.


Olivia’s does have an outdoor seating area. Hands down, our favorite meal of the trip. Get the chicken! And enjoy the rolls (not the biscuit that comes with the chicken…but the rolls that come to the table for free)! They were super good.

Also, the green beans. I mean, normally green beans are just green beans…but my wife can’t stand green beans in any form, but she actually voluntarily ate more after the first bite. I loved them.

My wife said the chicken was better than Homecomin’s. I can’t confirm, since I didn’t try it from Homecomin’, but I can say the chicken was so delicious.

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Thank you - I didn’t know Sanaa was open, have had that on my wishlist forever! And open air is definitely appealing so I’ll keep Geyser Point in mind.

Sounds delicious and outdoor seating is a big perk too. Thanks!

Rix at CSR does a nice job and I bet you could get it to go and use the plentiful outdoor seating, that is right outside the building door.

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Aren’t some of the park restaurants open for reservations at or slightly after park close? If so, you may be able to take advantage of an in park restaurant

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Sci-fi was good and socially distanced and our ADR was for 30 minutes after park close. The Plaza restaurant was also good and well distanced—in the round room we were one of only 3 tables


Sanaa! We ate there this summer for the first time and it was amazing.


If you’re at Epcot consider doing Coral Reef for their latest supper time. Great table distancing, loved our food and server, and the restaurant was nicely quiet!

We really enjoyed supper at 3 Bridges. It was a chilly night, but the staff lit the heaters and that helped, even tho we were not even near a heater.

We thought table distancing was good at Whispering Canyon as well. And Kona, too.
We’d probably want to return to 3 Bridges before the other 2, tho MK resort restaurants are easy to get to.

We were in the World third week of December 2020.

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We really enjoyed Three Bridges at CSR and Geyser Point at WL. Both are outdoor seating with water views and great food.

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