Those Who Brought Their Own Double Stroller, this question is for you:

We are bringing our side by side City Mini Double stroller for our 4yo and 2yo. I know that strollers must be collapsed before getting on Disney transportation buses… my question… how big of a PITA is bringing the stroller on and off the buses? Is there an easy place to put the collapsed stroller? Are people generally nice about it or were they more pissy and acting inconvenienced by the fact that there’s a stroller anywhere near their airspace (can you tell I’ve run into that attitude… usually on buses at airports, etc).

Is it a giant PITA??

Talk me through it. I like to know what I’m getting into with ANY situation. Thank you!!

We stayed at AoA in April. The buses were always packed to capacity so I just held the stroller in the aisle. I did not get any dirty looks or attitude, but it seemed that at least a third of the groups on the bus had some kind of stroller.

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We’ve rented the City Mini Double 3 times in the last 5 years, with stays at AoA, WL, and YC. No problems with buses at all: there are always several strollers on board. Just practice collapsing and opening at home a few times so you can do it lightening-fast when it counts. :wink: Also, if you have a sleeping kid in a stroller - tough luck, for safety reasons strollers must be collapsed for buses and some (but not all) boats. Also, it’s Disney and it seems like EVERYBODY has a stroller, People should only be pissy about it if you’re being a tool and using your stroller to block an empty seat or a safe space for somebody to stand. Near the rear bus doors seems like a reliable stroller-storage space that many people use.