This trip is actually happening

I first went to UOR in December 2018 with my sister and her son. My plan was if i liked it, i would upgrade the ticket and go back until my pass expired.

I liked it enough that I upgraded my ticket to an annual pass. My pass was good for 18 months, due to the promo UOR was running at the time. I then did a solo trip in February 2019, a trip with DH in December 2019, and one more trip in February 2020. The trip in 2020 was with my sister, her son, and two of our nieces. I had plans to go back one more time in May 2020, as the last use of my pass. I would then let it expire, and go back when Epic Universe opened.

Well, Covid happened, and the May trip was canceled.

My MIL and SIL had gone to Disney November 2019, and even though I had never gone, i was able to advise them on Fast Pass thanks to all the info I picked up on the forum.

Over spring and summer 2020, we (MIL, SIL, and I) had planned to have a family trip to UOR to go in December 2020. We still haven’t made it to Orlando all together. This trip has had 5 incarnations, each canceled for a different reason. These trips were supposed to be in December 2020, Covid cases were skyrocketing, February 2021, FIL had surgery and couldn’t be left alone for four days, December 2021, six weeks past my due date February 2022 still recovering from the intrapartum fetal demise, c-section, infection, and wound dehiscence September 2022 wrist injury for my MIL and tailbone bruise for myself .

In short, I’ve been through a lot in the past 15 months.

After February 2021, DH’s pass expired. As he is not a theme park fan, the trip slimmed down to just me, MIL, and SIL.

So right now, we are currently planning for December 3-7. We fly in late on Saturday night and plan to stay until Wednesday evening. Hopefully, this trip will happen, but 5-6 weeks ago, I hit my toe on the lane divider while swimming. And this morning, I twisted my ankle on the other foot. I don’t think i sprained it, but I did hurt it pretty bad.

I’m hoping this trip happens, and if it does, i look forward to posting about if anyone wishes to follow.

23 days and counting. . .


I’m sorry for all your losses but February 2022 makes my heart break. I’m so so sorry. :people_hugging:


I’m so sorry for your loss :people_hugging:. I hope you are able to go this time. You definitely need the trip. If your ankle/foot still hurts, get yourself an ECV.

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I hadn’t thought about an ECV for me. My MIL was thinking of renting one while in the parks. She takes long walks each week but is worried about the start and stop nature of theme park walking.

We’ll be staying at Hard Rock Hotel, so if we do get one from an external company, I don’t have to worry about buses.


Thanks. I pretty much spent November, December, and January in a fog of denial about going in February. I had booked the flights in September, and the hotel rooms from the (second hospital) i was in at the APH rate while in the hospital. I so wanted to go. I canceled the flights two days before the departure date. It’s a good thing Southwest points bookings are so flexible.

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Great, thank you for doing a trip report! Of course we wish to follow :smiley:

Please don’t get hurt anymore, walk only on flat surfaces while preparing your feet for the parks. :wink:


I was doing water park training when it happened. I’ve been trying to climb up the 100 step stairwell, and i missed a step on the way down.

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Hopefully when you reach the top of Krakatau, you don’t take the steps to get back down :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately I will still weigh too much to do the drop slides I’m willing to do. So I don’t think I’ll be climbing to the top of the volcano. I hope I don’t have issues with the tube slides.

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For the group rides, you have the whole group stand on the scale at the same time. I saw lots of large people enjoying Volcano Bay, but not many large groups of large people.

The employees will tell you which seats to sit in if your group has a large size disparity. I went with one kid, and a few times we got paired up with another mom+child, and they would seat the adults across from each other. Don’t forget some of the four-person rafts can be ridden by groups of three.

Oh, wow…I really want this trip to happen for you! You deserve to go and have ALL of the fun!!

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My ankle is doing better. Still hurts when doing stairs, but i can mostly walk. I have a physical therapy appointment scheduled for Monday. I hope I can enough improvement to not need an ECV.

I also got to go swimming today. I only got 30 laps, which is less than my usual 40, but better than nothing.


I’m so sorry. I hope you get to have the trip.

One week to go. We’ve arranged the rental of an ECV, and at the advice of my physical therapist, I’ve also purchased a cane. I will also bring the ankle brace I have.


So. Two days ago. I am all packed (I think) except for food and my laptop. The laptop will get packed tomorrow afternoon, and the food will be packed just before leaving to the airport on Saturday night.

Here’s hoping I don’t do too much damage to my ankle next week.


At the airport waiting for boarding.

and I don’t think I forgot anything at home.

Scratch that.

Forgot my school tie.