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Minnie@thepiano1929 is here, trying this out...gonna be a big learning curve for me, and I doubt I'll use it on my phone much. I feel super anti-social Lining with a laptop in front of me with other people around. Phone is so much easier. So....I'll keep learning, but doubt you'll see me as much on here. Mahalo!

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What do the numbers on the avatars mean?

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Oh and sarcasm is super useful.


There are emoticons already. See here's one that closely matches this thread... toilet


@chysuz99 are you logged in under your normal chat ID and PW. There shouldn't be any ads for subscription users. I will log the issue

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Yes, I am logged in as far as I can tell smile I don't know what is up. I have ads everywhere I go on the forum. Thanks for your help @MagicMN

I've seen a few as well. Len explained that they were adding them for 30 days to see what kind of revenue they would generate and then open up some discussions about everyone's feelings on them and what difference it might make in the subscription fees.

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I've seen a couple too. Not a huge deal but I'd rather not have them since I am logged in. Thanks @MagicMN!!

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Thanks @ThatDisneyGuy_outer1! I hope they do not stay! I must be a target or something for them. I can deal for 30 days wink

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Testing to see if I doing this correctly!!! How do I add a picture with my name?

Thanks for the tip @SallyEpp_cot

In the upper right corner you can click your current avatar and then edit your profile.

Hi @Mom_loves_Mickey! I see your post! You can edit your profile by clicking on your icon in the upper right corner. I haven't figured out how to post pics yet.

<----- badge collector extraordinaire.

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