This or That (again…) CSR vs. WL

Like clockwork…it is my 30 day mark and change-itis kicks in. Lol.

Currently in a Courtyard View King at WL - honestly the biggest selling point was the Bambi backsplash in the coffee area. Bambi being my first movie; this being my 50th birthday.

I could save about $550 by changing to a Preferred King at CSR. I stayed there once YEARS ago. I like the themeing a smidge better - neither bowls me over.

Pros/Cons to each? I should note I live in NYC and am used to public transportation, so the Disney busses don’t phase me - nor does walking.

How many nights is your trip?

  1. And I don’t believe in split stays. I want to unpack ONCE.

(First night at the MCO Hyatt is an exception - I can pack clothes for the next day in my carry-on.)

Hmmmmmm. I absolutely love WL, but I think that savings may be worth it since it’s almost my daily food budget per day. I really love CSR too.


Thanks. That was kind of my thinking - it would give me more money to splurge on special meals and/or a special souvenir.

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I think Birthday trip you need somewhere your excited to stay at!


Of the available options (All Star Movies, Pop, AoA suite, CBR (I honestly would not mind this, but not in a 5th sleeper room, which is all that’s available), CSR, or WL) in my price range CSR excites me the most.


I feel like you have your answer then!


Yeah…granted it’s not saying much. LOL.

Moving to August and AKL would excite me completely…but my pre-night at the Hyatt is already paid for, so I’d lose that money. And I’d rather be there on my birthday.

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I’d go with that then! The one that is most exciting!

If you are moving to CSR, why not move to the tower at Gran Destino?

Only the suites are available for my dates and they are out of my price range.