This made me laugh

This made me laugh about our canceled trip.


I guess you have to laugh so you don’t cry. I cannot imagine doing all the planning and anticipation and then having to cancel. So so sorry that you had to cancel trip. Hope you can reschedule soon


We had to cancel too. Planning to try again in May!

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We changed from 4 nights at POR to 6 nights at Pop Century over Halloween. Splurged on MNSSHP for DS4. Now trying to figure out family costumes


We splurged by adding 2 more nights in late May/early June to make up for the larger crowds we expect in early June as opposed to this week.


We splurged by adding two more nights at BRV, early next week. It was either that or leave early and try driving north with the fleeing natives. :joy:

You know, I hadn’t thought about maybe adding days to our trip in Nov/Dec, but the kids are already missing a week of school so adding onto the end is out, and I’m pretty sure I can’t (and don’t even want to) go earlier, because that puts me into Thanksgiving/Black Friday.

It just means we’re headed back to the World to use the tickets another time (at value season!). I’m really glad we opted to just get 2 one-day tickets instead of getting military hoppers, because those would expire in December.

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