This is very embarrasing... no park reservations... -> we are going, I think!

Well I managed to mess up big time… I’ve had my hotel booking for Dec 18th-22nd for months, but to be honest, I’ve been burnt out and occupied with other things. I haven’t done anything to plan my trip, and that includes tickets and park reservations. I know, ridicilous. In fact I’ve been so out of the loop I wasn’t even sure if they had park reservations at this point or if it changed.

So this suddenly clicked in my head today. I now have dates that have close to zero park availability. Epcot is available on 19th, 21st and 22nd, that’s literally it. I wanted to do parks on 4 days, 19th-22nd. Well, I’m ready to cancel the whole trip now because I screwed up. Are there any work arounds here? I know availability sometimes changes but I suppose that’s highly unlikely for such a busy time, right? Especially for 3 parks…


I would buy tickets that start on the 17th to get the 4 day tickets (tonight). I would pay extra to also get hoppers.

Book what your can and follow: on Twitter ( set up alerts) for when parks open for the 4th day.


How does this help? Are you suggesting going to Epcot first each day, and then hopping to whatever other park?

Could work, as long as the park they hop to doesn’t reach full capacity.

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Honestly, if bumping it out is possible without losing much money I might do that personally. But if you’re gonna go I’d take what you can get now and add park hoppers so you can at least see every park in the PM. If you’re staying at nice resort, a resort day is honestly really wonderful there. I love them now. They have lots of activities in the big resorts.

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I am suggesting that they buy tickets that covers their days. If they try to buy 4 day tickets and there are only 3 parks available today, they cannot buy the tickets.

There is no availability on the 20th so I don’t think I can do that either…? :confounded:

Is this likely or not? For example MK on such busy dates? I know there is no definite answer but at this point guesses are fine too

Oh. I thought it was just about park availability, not the tickets! That is a pickle.


Should I just get 3 single tickets and reserve Epcot for each one and hope other parks become available, then cancel Epcot and reserve that park? thats possible, right?

And if nothing comes available, I’ll hope I can park hop. if I can’t, I lose what I paid for Park Hopper (need more info on this please) and ride Grand Fiesta for the 56th time on day 3.

For Dec 20th which has zero availability, I’ll go to UOR. bam.

No, I have not concidered how expensive or ridicilous this would be and frankly I don’t care at this point…

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Try calling and seeing if they can get stealth availability.


Is that a thing? I chatted with someone and they had nothing

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I think it’s likely you’ll be able to hop. I think someone remarked somewhere that only Christmas or New Years or some such day did they not allow hopping to MK or some such but I can’t remember the details. So while 18-22 is school break it’s not the peak of the holiday either.

It is possible to cancel and switch if something opens.

Not worth the effort there. They won’t find any stealth availability.

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If you buy from a reseller like UT will they sell you the tickets? Although you can book all your days Disney does not seem to want to sell you any tickets?

Ok now I officially don’t know what the heck is going on.

I decided to do what I said above, buy tickets for individual dates - a lot more expensive but I can’t get consecutive because it showed no parks availability for dec 20th.

So I buy tickets for the 19th. It’s showing Epcot as the only available park. I go into Park Pass reservations, decide to test clicking on MK and bam, I now have MK reserved for the 19th. WHAT? Thisi s happening afterall?

So then I do the same with the 21st, get a Park Pass to Epcot as suspected. The 22nd is a gamble, it showed only Epcot and it’s my departure day so no park hopping, worst case I’ll have a second epcot day. And what do you know, I’m able to book AK for the 22nd!

So regardless of the availability calendar showing nothing, I just managed to book MK, Epcot and AK. Epcot and MK days are park hoppers so I might make it to HS too. I’ll also keep my eyes open for the 20th incase it opens up.

This is so confusing though, the calendar really had me fooled. I though it was accurate but at no point it has showed any availability for MK or AK yet I got both!?!?!? Did I managed to snag random cancellations?

But yea, trip basically saved :cupid:


I am glad you have parks booked!

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So there was a stealth availability after all. :laughing: Glad it worked out!


I am super happy for OP.

BUT, I’m also kinda mad for OP. They couldn’t buy a 4 day tix because there was no availability on one of their days. So they bought multiple single day passes. Which costs quite a bit more.

I’d be on the phone after all, insisting they make this right $$ wise.

Or am I misreading/misunderstanding something (and I hope that I am!)


This has been reported as a real thing. The calendar may show a day as sold out (for one or more parks) but if you actually click on it, then it has availability. One theory is that as people cancel an APR for a given park, Disney doesn’t bother to update the color on the calendar. It’s always worth giving it a try, in spite of appearances.