This is super sad

My dashboard has not been so empty in a very long time. No trips planned :frowning: I have the sadness


So plan a trip! Even if it’s just for fun and fictional.

we are trying to save our points for a long trip next summer. But another blogger I follow just posted about surprising amount of availability over labor day weekend and so now i am looking…

would not go anywhere near ep…

in all reality it probably won’t happen because of airfare cost

Oh… that’s a bummer. You know you can just put in a dream trip, just pick some dates.

I know that feeling though. It usually will update with a new trip within a week or so of it being blank!

The time goes by quickly. We only go every 2 years. It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long since our last trip…last September…8 months ago. We will go again in Nov 2020, plus maybe an adult trip in October 2020. Seems like along way off, but in 6 months I will be 12 months out and be starting to make serious plans. Probably have to start a little earlier to figure out how to fit in Universal.


You can’t put your next summer trip on your dashboard?

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I have three trips scheduled.

There, see: you’re all happy now.


That’s how that works?

Three trips?? Wow!

Currently we are working on nov 2020. Seems like forever.

Yes. She’s had two trips since my last one. And I was delighted for her.

And you’ve had at least one. I was thrilled for you. Overjoyed at your bliss.


I see. I wasn’t aware of said rules. I was never happy for you… overcome with seething hatred based on jealousy, absolutely, but not happy. :smile:

So is this then a general sadness thread? Because I just realized this morning that I finished off the last of my Mickey cookies. No MK treats for a while. :sob:

(You know, if someone in the area would buy treats and then ship them out, they’d make a killing for the right price…)


Well, next summer’s trip is looking questionable. Apparently you have to pay credit card companies back. They’re loans, not gifts. I hadn’t been clear on this.


They’re gifts here in the states if you do it right (or wrong depending on your POV) :rofl:


There have been posts (on the interwebs, not this site) about a service called Boxney, but I’m not sure that it is trustworthy.

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Innnnnnteresting. But I don’t want random treats, I’d want specific stuff. But this certainly is compelling.

Just looked it up and it seems like it’s sold out. (How’s that work lol? Did WDW run outta snacks? Yeah, right)

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I don’t think it’s officially associated with Disney. Perhaps they underestimated the demand and haven’t had a chance to get back to the parks?

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Monthly snack delivery?


Oh I’m sure they’re not associated with Disney. And yup, I’m sure they either underestimated demand or simply met their goal. Either way, I just found the word “sold out” funny given the abundance that is WDW.


And how dare both of you come into this sadness thread offering hope. Whatsamatta with you??? :wink:


Ah yes. I feel much better :roll_eyes:

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