This Is Monsters and Magic and Nothing We Were Ever Trained For - my DLR Trip Report

Now that I’m officially checked in for my flight, it’s time to begin my trip report!!!

Initially I had a different title in mind (well, 2…the first one got taken by @ThorKat :rofl: :kissing_closed_eyes:), but given the hurriquake events of the weekend, this one seemed better suited. The hurriquake is also why I didn’t want to start this too soon - didn’t want to jinx anything. But SNA is open, the same flight I’ll be on tomorrow is in the air, it’s a go!!

Suitcase is packed (carry-on only for this girl) and the backpack is just awaiting the last minute stuff

The plan is to be headed for the subway by 2:30am and be on the first NJ Transit train to EWR at 4:15am. Flight is 7:17 and scheduled to land at 10:10 - though it’s been trending with an earlier landing.

I’m going to take the EVE (Everyone Ventures Everywhere) shuttle - it’s an on demand shuttle operated by the same company that does the ART busses between SNA and the Anaheim ART stops and it’s $15/person each way (so round trip is less than one way in a Lyft or Uber) and tipping is not allowed - to the Anaheim Marriott. If my room is ready, bonus! If not, I’ll store my luggage and head to Disneyland!! (I’m wearing leggings and a hoodie over my t-shirt on the plane - I’ll either change into shorts at SNA or at the Marriott.)

I’ve got 5-day hoppers with Genie+. I’m not positive I’ll use the hopping bit, but it wasn’t that much more to add it, and I’d rather have it and not use it than not have it and want to hop. The current plan is (starting park listed):
8/22 - Disneyland - the whole time through Wondrous Journeys or when I’m too tired and will be miserable the next day!
8/23 - DCA - heading to the Rogers the Musical premium package line at rope drop…likely in DCA all day through World of Color (hoping for VQ…but reports are if you don’t get it for the first show, you usually don’t need it for the second).
8/24 - Disneyland - this is the day I may do some hopping…definitely Wondrous Journeys if I don’t make it the first night
8/25 - DCA - not gonna lie, I’ll probably try to VQ Rogers the Musical again (though if all shows are cancelled on Tuesday like they were on Saturday, I’ll be doing premium here) but for a later show since I’m scheduled for Lamplight Lounge brunch (my one ADR for the trip)
8/26 - DCA - it was Disneyland, and if I feel like I need to switch I will…the 11am hopping makes it a little easier; back to the Marriott to get my bags (which I’ll store) and meet my EVE shuttle at 6:00pm with my flight home at 8:45pm (gotta love a red-eye).

I’m taking Trader Joe’s ABC bars for breakfast in the room. My SOP at theme parks is like one meal and snacks. I have a water bottle with me, so that’ll help too!

Super excited!!!


Excited to follow along!

Is this a solo trip?


Yes - solo trip!


I’m a solo traveler too! I love my family & friends to tag along some times. However, my best experiences seem to happen when I am alone. (I know that is selfish :innocent:)

Hope you have a great time!




Excited to follow along! Sounds like perfect timing.


Yay it’s time!! I’m sitting here wishing it was last week so your TR will help :smiley:

Have you seen this yet? You might want more viewings ask me how I know :wink:

Safe travels and have all the fun!!


I have not yet.

I only have max 4 nights there and I definitely want to see World of Color ONE at least once. I’m not 100% counting on the first night since I’m going to be up so early tomorrow - so 3 nights max.


I did too and managed to see it twice and WOC ONE once :smiley: I can’t wait to see what you think of all the shows!!


I’m thinking the 25th will be whichever between WJ and WOC ONE I want to see again. :slight_smile: Assuming, of course, they all run as scheduled.


Excited to follow your trip!


I cried. This time next week I will be watching it with my DGDs age 7 and 4 years old, and 8 months. I will be sobbing.


I’m so glad the storm didn’t impact your flight plans! Here’s to hoping you get as many viewings of Rogers, Wondrous Journey’s and World of Color ONE. I’m also of the opinion that you’ll want to keep room in your schedule for 2 Wondrous Journey’s. It’s SOOOOOOOO good.


I just called the Marriott to make sure that I’d be able to store my bags and the very nice agent I spoke with said they do have bag storage, but they’re very likely going to have a number of rooms available early tomorrow so there’s a good chance I’ll be able to get right in! Not going to 100% count on it, but that sounds hopeful! :smiley: (I could hear her typing, so I don’t know if she pulled up my reservation and made a note on it that I would be arriving early or not. These kind of calls I always lead with my name, so… :woman_shrugging:t3: )

She also said I can add my Bonvoy number at check in (it’s not on there since this is through Disney) and be eligible for the free high speed internet! Hooray!!


Have an incredible trip!


Thank you!!


Have a good trip!


Thank you!


At EWR!!

If you are ever flying out of EWR and specifically out of Terminal A, leave yourself plenty of time to get here - especially if going by public transit!! You have to take a shuttle from the AirTrain station to the terminal. Then TSA was surprisingly busy for this time of the morning - even PreCheck was 5-10 minutes!

Per the United app we should start boarding in about an hour. :smiley:


Yay it’s time!!! :tada::tada::tada: