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I just wanted to let people know that haven’t been to Disney before something about the water . It tastes HORRIBLE!!! SWAMPY!!! YUCK!! I’m from Chicago and not a picky person about my water, but couldn’t even brush my teeth with it. I was trying to think of what I’ll need to start to get together for my trip and I’m glad I remembered to remind myself of some kind of water filter bottle. Last year we ended up getting some water water bottles and the made a HUGE difference. Just thought I would forewarn people. Hope it helps someone


YES! It tastes like old hose water to me. We get a case of gallon bottles and fill our good bottles to take to the parks, and we even make our own ice if we have a villa.

If you can’t do that then a little squirt from a squeeze bottle of lemon juice can go a decent way toward covering the bad taste. The squeezable water flavorings help too, if you don’t hate them.

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Always remember that you can get ice water for free at any CS restaurant - just walk up and ask for it. Because it goes through the filtration system for the fountain drinks, the water does not have the bad taste of the tap water.

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I bought a brita water bottles for everyone in the family. everytime we got water, it went in the bottle. We also used bottled water for drinking outside of Disney.

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I think it does. I require many lemons when I drink water at TS places and that definitely helps, which is why I think adding lemon juice to free water would make it drinkable.

We also used the little flavor packs in the parks. Especially for the kids. It works great. The paper straws at animal kingdom also made things taste awful to me. Maybe I’m just too picky?

Great idea! I just threw a couple of Brita bottles in my Amazon cart.

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I use these Brita active bottles while hiking, or just living these days… etc

It’s the Australian link but I’m sure you’ll be able to find it in the US if your interested.

The plastic is flexible, so you squeeze the water out rather than sucking on it. It’s also less likely to crack or break if you bash it around or constantly drop it like I do. The filters are pretty cheap and do a good job of taking out gross flavors.