This is for Ghirardelli I fans

Anyone seen this? @Steve1 may change his USA plans!

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Cool if you’re in SF!

Oh wow, that would be heavenly! DH has been to this location before on a work trip and texted me a picture of the treat he was enjoying, it was so not nice of him :slight_smile:

Did he at least bring you a souvenir?

Some chocolate, but it didn’t compare to a hot fudge sundae!



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That would be a great trip! Chocolate nirvana!!

Oh to be in SF in mid September!!!

Chocolate… I wish I liked chocolate

Wait…wait…MDU doesn’t like chocolate??? Not even in chocolate martini form? It’s my favorite drink ever! Hoped to have one with you someday in the World! :smiley:

I don’t like hard chocolate. (Candy bars) Liquor, I could do. Hell, pour some vodka over a Stickers Bar and I’d probably devour it. :slight_smile:

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