This is a test123


testing testing 123 456 77890

testing test test


Heh. I suspect Fake Laurel might be Real Laurel pretending to be a TA. Hi!


Can we vote this the most intriguing post of the day/week/month?


Sure we can vote but you know it may start a few odd topics to win that title.


I thought about flagging this post just so I could get the 'First Flag' badge! :joy:


I don't see the downside :grinning:


It's a test by FakeMe. Duh.

Just trying something out for future reference.


Yeah, what "she" said.


I was just kidding around. :wink: You are the Queen of Cool Things, so I'm sure whatever you're working on will be fabulous!


Wait @FakeLaurel is a Travel Agent? How do I get her to help me get a good deal on a trip?


@FakeLaurel is a terrible travel agent. Possibly worse than RealLaurel.



New badge. But @LaurelStewart doesn't take requests