This AP is making me a little crazy

Ok, Frontier sent out one of those ‘we’re having a sale’ emails…and they happened to have a $15 each way deal on my birthday…and Pop had a relatively inexpensive hotel room for the night…so for under $200 for 2 people, I can spend my big 40th birthday in my happy place. I had to do it, right? I need some folks who would understand to justify it because my family (beyond my son and my husband) will go slightly nuts when they hear I’m headed back and only for one day and one night…


What’s not to understand? Sounds like an awesome way to spend your 40th! Wish there was any possibility of a deal like that being available for us.

Have a fabulous birthday and don’t worry about the opinions of others!


Do it!!!

GO!!! It sounds like a perfect birthday!!!

Yes, go! If I could fly to Orlando for $15 I would go weekly. Maybe daily. :wink:


This is why my DH calls Liners “my people” - because everyone here understands! Like you were supposed to say no to that kind of deal. Have a great birthday!

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That’s definitely not crazy, you would be a fool not to!

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Thanks everyone! I’m really excited and my niece who is home from college for the summer will be joining me! I knew you’d understand


I think this is a mistake.

Should be at least a week :wink: one day and night? pishaw. Have a great birthday!!


Life is short. Go to Disney.

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