Thinking about Club Level - YC vs BC

Happy Super Bowl Day!
Talk to me about Club Level, doing 90 FP, BC food vs YC food, balconies, etc… Any advice appreciated! Planning Oct 2021 trip.
Am thinking of club level mainly to do the 90 FP option for HS, to hopefully get ROTR FP’s, especially since we’re only planning a 3 day trip.
Was thinking Beach Club as it seemed less stuffy than YC and is closer to Epcot. But I read on the forum that only YC has balconies & BC doesn’t. Hanging my kid’s wet suits to dry on the balcony would be pretty useful, so now am sort of thinking YC instead.
It’s probably not that much farther of a walk to Epcot from YC vs BC that it would change anyone’s mind, right? I heard food was better club level at YC, but I was unable to find out what food BC offers. Anyone remember when they stayed BC?
Not sure what to do, and interested to find out more about the 90 FP option. I understand you pay extra, like $50/person/day? We would only do this for our HS day to ensure ROTR, I would guess by Oct 2021 they would be using a FP system on that ride.

I can’t speak to CL, but if you purchase FPP, there is a 3 day minimum purchase.

BC does have balconies but not all full balconies, which YC does. At least that’s my understanding!

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I have stayed at both and I preferred the YC CL to BC, although they were similar.

My BC CL room has a full balcony but I don’t think that is guaranteed (but I do think all YC CL rooms have full balconies). I also prefer the YC rooms .


I can’t speak to CL, but in doing my research of BC deluxe rooms, some had full balconies and some had the small “Juliet” balconies. The deluxe rooms all had one or the other (or patios on ground level). Unfortunately, the room notes on the TP hotel room views weren’t always accurate about balconies so don’t rely on those. (I did a lot of looking across from facing rooms and counting floors.)

I stayed CL at YC this fall and didn’t have a balcony. It may be because of the category of room? (Standard view). We loved the lounge didn’t find it stuffy or intimidating at all. The staff was super helpful. I loved the CL FP. Was able to book those and the regulars at 90 days out got all the rides and times I wanted.

As mentioned there is a 3 day minimum for the CL FP. But if you are willing to spend the $150 per person for the 3 days, its very useful if you want to get a lot of popular rides done in a short trip.

I’m not sure they’d actually do anything about it but they discourage hanging anything over the railing, so we never hung anything over the balcony railing, either at YC or BWI. You can hang it on a chair, so be sure you get a full balcony with furniture, not a Juliet balcony like they might have at the BC.

We loved YC CL, and would have done it for our last trip but BWI had bigger rooms. The food at the YC lounge is excellent.

DH & I stayed BC CL for first time 10 days ago. We had Juliet balcony; there was a note in the room requesting that nothing be hung on balcony. Both food and staff in lounge were excellent. Solid breakfast offerings, light snacks at lunch, enough for light dinner in evenings. Good coffee, soft drinks, bottled juices, Perrier, club soda and tonic in cans available all day. Walk to EP was easy. Also walked to HS one morning, very doable. We’ve stayed BWI CL and I thought BC was slightly better. Would definitely stay there again. I watched a Youtube video of YC CL rooms; I didn’t care for all the dark wood. There are thorough reviews on of all the clubs at deluxe resorts.

The wood floors?

CL rooms, like all rooms (I think value too?) in Disney, have a retractable laundry line in the bathrooms for bathing suits to dry.

Yikes, that’s pretty pricey. I didn’t realize it was a 3 day minimum, I really only needed it for our HS day. Maybe I will rethink this strategy.

We only use the chairs on a full balcony to hang suits to dry (I’d be afraid to hang them on the railing in case they get blown down by the wind). The laundry lines in showers never fit all our suits nor do our suits seems to dry as quickly as in the fresh air. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, and you need to take them down anytime anyone wants to shower. With 6 of us, we tried to have some shower in morning and some at night. And hope everyone has the sense to take the nearly dry swimsuits out of the shower before they turn it on (not likely in my family).

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So true! :wink:

I have to be honest, I would rather be at Boardwalk than YC or BC. I have always been underwhelmed when at YC/BC. Yachtsman is a good meal. Cape May is ok. Beaches and Cream is not quite the same after the refurb but is fun. But the rest of the theming and the lack of any good QS restaurant and small shops is kind of weak to me. Boardwalk has a much more fun vibe and the rooms are great. So I wold actually do CL at Boardwalk over the others personally. Just stayed an impromptu one nighter at Boardwalk Saturday and it is just a neat place.


Agree about BW over the other two. A downside is that the CL is very far from the elevators and a long walk if you go back and forth much, especially if your room is at the very end. The room finder will come in handy here.

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It’s really deceiving- who knew such a small hotel could have such a loooong walk back there. But I agree with you and @hokiebroker_696650 that BWI CL is the best in the EPCOT area, IMHO. We used to be YC people and have enthusiastically switched. They have the larger Deluxe CL room that we like, it’s smaller, and it’s also a bit closer to DHS than the YC. It’s just a lot of fun to sit on the balcony and watch the Boardwalk and the lake, too.