Thinking about becoming a part time Disney travel agent

Hello! I stumbled upon an ad on FB about becoming a Disney travel agent . The whole thing sounds interesting to me so I applied . Now I’m thinking - is it realistic to do that part time? I own my own small baking business , and will do substitute teaching in the fall as well. Thoughts?? Advice ?? Thanks in advance !

Most agencies I have researched have said it isn’t really easy to do unless you are doing it full-time.

I know on days when packages come out, my agent spends the entire day looking a) for people who have contacted her about the new packages and b) her clients already booked to see if the new rates/packages are a better deal.

And on DCL Opening Day x4 (each Castaway Club level has a different open - Platinum the first, Gold joins the second, Silver joins the third (and DVC is in there somewhere) and then the General Public the fourth) it is pretty much open to close on the phone getting rates and booking.

I guess there may be people who do it part time, but I would imagine they are not going to ultimately be as successful since there are agencies with full-time agents who can devote that kind of time I’ve described to the work.

I wonder who is the more demanding between students or customers planning holidays? Do you have to take out expensive insurance to cover any potential damages claims? It sounds like a fun way to earn money. I wish you lots of luck if you decide to go ahead.

It can easily be done as a part time adventure if you’re with the right agency whose owner(s) are supportive of part timers and who understand and respect that you may have a full time career. Look around and find the right fit. And then have fun making a little cash doing what you’re probably doing now anyway!


Thanks! It would cost initial $99 for what I’d need to be covered through the agency . They provide training . I’ll keep you posted!

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The application said full or part time . Interviewer asked how many hours I thought I could devote to the job , I said 10-15 per week , 20 possibly. I got through that interview and went in to second round , where I read through info that did indicate folks do this part time . I’m still torn though!

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Thanks for the insights. I had same thoughts - folks wanting full time service from a part time agent . The interviewer did indicate part time was an option though . Are you familiar with Diserella travel?

Be wary of any agency that charges a start up fee whose purpose is not clear.


No - I have only ever used MEI/Mousefan.

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I checked out the Diserella website. Nicely done website, but it does appear that this is a young travel agency. There are only two travel agents (actually, only one…the second is listed simply as available soon). And the information about the main agent actually leaves off any indication of years of experience in the business. The About page only really indicates that she’s spent years going to Disney.

I presume she is looking to grow.

None of this is to suggest you SHOULDN’T do it. Just giving my observations for further consideration.


Thank you . They outlined what the $99 covers in their cover letter to me.

I appreciate that insight. I read everything on her site except about other agents. I will give it another look- I did speak with her over the phone , and asked questions, but this gives me a few more questions to ask -