Thinking about bailing on Caribbean Beach

Just want to hear everyone’s thoughts about it. We have a standard room booked at CBR over spring break. I didn’t get any discounts. I see there are still discounted rooms available at Riverside and Coronado. I could get a standard room at either of those locations for a bit less - or upgrade for the same price.
We’d booked CBR, looking forward to short travel on the skyliner. After this weekend’s news, I’m not so sure how I feel about that. Maybe busses and paying for Uber is going to be the “safer” option.

Anyone have good points of comparison at those resorts?

I’d probably drop our Topolino Terrace breakfast. That might be OK, though. With an 11 year old, we don’t get our money’s worth on price fixe meals.

While the skyliner incident this weekend was unfortunate, the odds of that happening again once Disney corrects that particular issue and reopens it, are slim to none. Will the skyliner (like any other ride or transportation option) break down occasionally? You bet, but I wouldn’t change your plans for that reason alone.

That said, if you were one of the people trapped onboard and are a little traumatized because of it, I totally get it.

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I was wondering about this too – we’re booked for CBR in January, specifically because of the skyliner… It would be great if it were back up running (and safely), but if it’s not, I don’t think the resort holds as much intrigue for me. :confused:

I’d probably switch and book into a better room category, because why not? The skyliner wouldn’t sway me one way or another at this point.

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Agreed that this is likely never going to happen again. There have been a lot of reports that it’s been down a LOT, though. I wonder how easy that will be to fix. Second, if this is an “architectural” issue, like @ryan1 is suggesting, I wonder how long that will take to get up to safe standards.
If we have to be taking the bus anyway, I’m not sure CBR is my top choice.

Add on the fact that I’m feeling “burned” by the discounts, and it’s probably more an emotional temper tantrum on my part.

I think it would have to be a super serious problem for the skyliner to be down all the way until Spring Break. I don’t know anything about gondolas structurally or mechanically, but I can’t imagine after all the hype that Disney would allow these things to be down that long.

If you have other gripes about your resort choice, then go ahead and change it. It’s your vacation, no need to settle for something you’re not happy with!

I was booked for POR via MVT. I and my wife did the annual pass thing this year then everything keep of went to heck for our October trip. Now we also had a trip in April scheduled at POR but with the Annual Pass you can get 30% off during March and April at CBR so we decided that was the way to go. Didn’t even know that the Skyliner went there. Now as far as if we will ride it I don’t know as I am not a fan of heights.

On the flip side, I stayed at CBR last time and quite liked it. The landscaping is really pretty, the pool is fun, and it’s nice and quiet. I don’t have any loyalty to a particular hotel, but I wouldn’t have a problem going back to CBR.

For those of you staying at Caribbean Beach Club- just a note-
We stayed at AOA but took a shuttle from MK to Beach Club just to check out the skyliner and ride it back to AOA. The shuttle left us off at one of the beach club shuttle stops and we had to walk about half a mile (or more) around the water to the skyliner. Beach Club is HUGE and some of the hotel rooms we passed were VERY far from the Skyliner. Like, take a shuttle just to the skyliner kind of far. I would make sure you call and ask for a room close to the skyliner. Also, it only goes to Epcot and HS so you’ll need to use the shuttle other days.

CBR is an amazing resort. Very beautiful.

Buses are absolutely garbage. Save yourself many hours of waiting, and use Uber/Lyft

Oh, and the skyliner, by the way, is not a ‘quick ride’ anywhere, it’s terrible to.
We rode it 8 times this past week, and every single time was delayed and or we were just left waiting in a long queue while it wasn’t working at all.

Again, best advise is avoid Disney transportation altogether, and use Uber

Wow, what is with you people? Isn’t this a vacation? Hurry, hurry, hurry. Disney transportation is not that bad. Funny, We have used it many times and have never waited over 15 minutes. CBR is big but no worse or better than the rest. We generally stay at POR but the bus service is no better or worse. Take a Break! Have a Kit Cat Bar. :crazy_face:


Wow! That’s a great discount. I wonder how many park days it takes to make that worthwhile. How do those discounts work? Are the always available? I haven’t bought park tickets yet, so I’ll have to do the math.

It’s good to hear that folks like CBR as a resort. @natalie_lawy_834189 - it makes me feel better about picking it, beyond the skyliner.

We’re not too concerned about the size of CBR or time it takes on the skyliner. Like @DocHopper says, we’re on vacation. We’re healthy and happy to walk. And hoping they get the skyliner stuff figured out by March.

Like I said, it was probably more of a tempter tantrum on my part. I went through “well fine, then we won’t stay there” to “maybe we can do half our trip at Universal” to “I wonder if I can get DVC rentals for the same price”. The reality is that I probably won’t do any of that. I’ll stick with what’s already planned and be completely content.
But I WILL now go look at an AP. :smiley:

Right, remember this just came out on the WDW site under special offers. This discount is for AP holders only and I believe for late March to mid April, otherwise it is only 20%. At the time the rooms went quite quickly when this came out and my MVT agent was working overtime to snag this offer at CBR. Now however I wonder how difficult it will be to get a room during this time period after all the Skyliner worries.

We just returned from a stay at AoA on 9/30 and rode the Skyliner several times on the 29th and 30th. It being the opening weekend there were lines from CBR to Epcot but to and from HS, to and from AoA and from Epcot, it was usually a walk on or pretty close, and it was an enjoyable ride and fast between AoA and CBR as well as between CBR and HS. The ride between CBR and Epcot is also enjoyable but given that is the longest line, there are more chances for the 1-3 minute pauses in service when the gondolas that hold the electric wheelchairs/scooters/parties that need more time loading and unloading, are taken off or put back on the main line…at least that is what I think is happening during those short pauses in service. But even during the middle of the day when shortly paused in the air, it stayed really comfortable I the cabin. I really like the Skyliner and especially prefer it to the bus because I can just roll my stroller right onto it with my kids in the stroller and my kids think of it as another fun ride. I have already made plans to return in January and will be staying at CBR for the first time. I chose this over the AoA family suite this time because we have one less adult, it was a decent price and because it is the hub for the Skyliner. I even made a room request for the Jamaica portion of CBR because it is closest to the Skyliner station (I think…somebody please correct me if I’m wrong). I am not put off by Saturday’s incident and I’m counting on it being back up and running way before our January trip and I look forward to utilizing it again. I agree with the above comments that once whatever is fixed, it is unlikely to happen again.

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