Things to see at Wilderness Lodge?

We are staying at POR but I have made dinner reservations at Artist Point for our arrival day. My question is if there is anything extra we out to make time to see at Wilderness Lodge? I have looked at pics of it and it seems to look a lot like our local Great Wolf Lodge where we’ve stayed a couple times. Is there anything outside the lodge, or anything else you’d recommend we don’t miss?

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The lobby at WL is the obvious thing to see and should be tough to miss. If you’re into trains, the “Carolwood Pacific” room at the Villas is worth checking out - lots of pictures and memorabilia from Walt’s train hobby that is fairly cool and off the beaten path. There’s seating and board games out so you could chill there for awhile and it seems a quiet respite, although it may depend on when you visit. Unfortunately I don’t know for sure if Carolwood has been affected by the construction at all, but it wasn’t when the construction started. The totem pole by the lobby store is pretty cool & there a ton of little things that are fun to see like themed lighting fixtures etc. The pool and walking around the grounds is fine as well. I’d recommend taking the boat from MK and perhaps go back via the boat to the contemporary and then explore the resort monorail line from there to get back to your MK bus, presuming you’re taking DIS transportation…

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My kids really enjoyed watching the geyser. I think it goes off every hour on the hour.

My first thought was the Geyser .

Those things sound cool. Thanks everyone.