Things to do outside of the World

We have a day that we will not be spending at the parks, and really want to go somewhere outside of the resort. We will have a car and are willing to drive up to 2 hours away. Looking for a good beach. We will be there during Spring Break (last week of March) and are hoping to go somewhere that doesn’t attract the high school and college crowds. Any suggestions? Thanks!

I will be there the same week, and I would consider heading to the gulf side for a beach - think Tampa/St Petersburg or somewhat south from there. The Atlantic beaches in range will be “spring break”-ed out.

You could also consider doing a non-Disney activity, like heading over to Kennedy Space Center for a day - that’s within the 2 hour range you’re thinking.


If you are going during Spring Break, I expect any/all beaches will likely be busy. Although I’m not a beach person (I mean…who likes to sit around in a bunch of sand? Not me!), I’ve been to both the Atlantic Side and Gulf side. I preferred the Gulf side (Tampa/St. Petersburg).

As MouseGirl42 suggested, Kennedy Space Center is an option, although I haven’t been since I was young. I’ve been to Houston Space Center a couple times in the past decade, though. I presume they are similar, but I don’t know.

Kennedy has been completely re-done the last few years.

Absolutely my favourite place to go. We do 2 days on a 2 week stay every time.

Thanks for all the replies! I’m not really a beach person myself, I can’t stand being still for that long, but my kiddos have never been to the beach before and wanted to experience that. Kennedy sounds awesome!

I am there that same week. Hope you all have fun, sorry no beach advice.

If you do choose to do Kennedy (I recommend, My fam will be there for a day that week), Coca Beach, though touristy/spring breaky is right there and you could spend some time before or after your KSC trip doing the beach thing. They get to beach, you get to have something to do, everyone wins! Except avoiding tourists. That’s pretty much unavoidable during that week.

BTW, I’m not sure where you are coming from. But if you are driving down and don’t mind some extra drive, we drove up to Jekyll Island and played around on the beach there. It was quite empty when we were there…but then, we showed up a few weeks after a hurricane. Anyhow, it is about 3 1/2 hours away though (a bit north of Jacksonville), so not really something to do if you want to stay based in Orlando.

I would vote for Kennedy space center. But if you are wanting sand I would definitely head to the gulf side. Clearwater is about 2 hours away and has the famous aquarium with Winter the dolphin (from the movie-true story- A Dolphin’s Tale). I LOVE that place!

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Thanks! These are some great suggestions! I really appreciate everyone’s advice :smile:

Am heading to Orlando this week. Have booked a kayak tour on Wekiva River. Will report back after we do it. Just another suggestion to consider.